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The episode picks up as Kesi is faced with unlocking her chain and taking the exemption.

Kesi takes the exemption and walks out of the warehouse. The group is frustrated by Kesi's decision since they all now have to stay the night in the cold warehouse. In confessional, Kesi isn't sorry for taking the exemption.

Avori, Joi, and Greg are very suspicious of Kesi's decision. Casey isn't suspicious and ignores it.

During the next day, the group confronts Kesi about her decision and why she didn't apologize. Kesi says she didn't believe they were going to win the money at all.

William is suspicious of Casey since she keeps putting herself into situations where others lose money and sabotage instead of her.

The group takes the quiz. Some of the questions include: Was The Mole left behind on the mountain? Was The Mole navigating in the shed? Did The Mole have $10,000 in their backpack? Which position was The Mole changed in?

Casey suspects Jacob, Avori suspects Jacob, Jacob suspects Joi, and Greg suspects Kesi.

Alex Wagner inputs the results into the laptop. Greg is the first name. His screen is green.

Jacob is safe.

Joi is safe.

Casey gets the red screen. She is eliminated and escorted out of the room. She and the group are shocked she was executed.

William is blown away by Casey's execution. If he didn't split his quiz answers between Casey and someone else, he's positive that he would've gotten eliminated.

The group travels to Sydney the next day. Joi is very suspicious of Jacob's behavior in the car driving over.

The group meets Alex Wagner at an art gallery. The next mission is for the group to determine the fake piece of artwork. They will determine it individually; winners get a shot at an exemption.

Jacob, Avori, and Joi believe the right painting is the fake one.

Greg, Kesi, and William think the left painting is the fake one. The right painting turns out to be a fake painting. Jacob, Avori, and Joi get the opportunity to win an exemption.

The trio will be tasked with playing a game of "Two Truth And A Lie." They'll have to convince the losers that their lie is the truth. If Greg, Kesi, and William can spot all the lies, they'll add $20,000 to the group pot.

The storytellers are split up as two people are sent to an outrageous experience and one to a night away to craft a lie. They'll have to fabricate a story to get the group to guess wrong.

Kesi, Greg, and William decide on a strategy for how to ask the storytellers the questions. Greg wants to be a bad cop and interrogate the storytellers.

Jacob is the first storyteller. Jacob tells a story of being brought to a room with a table and being forced to eat a caterpillar delicacy. In the confessional, William thinks he caught Jacob in a lie based on his face.

Joi is the second storyteller. She tells a story of being wrapped around by a python. The group actively questions her; Kesi thinks she's lying, but Greg and William think she could be telling the truth.

Avori is the last storyteller. She tells a story of walking barefoot on hot coals. The group questions her hard and demand to see her feet; she refuses to show her feet.

Kesi, William, and Greg are split between who could be the liar. Greg thinks Jacob is lying, Kesi thinks Avori is lying, and William thinks Jacob is lying. The group consensus is Jacob.

Joi reveals she was telling the truth; a snake was wrapped around her neck and body. Avori was telling the truth about walking on the coals. Jacob reveals he was a liar.

The interrogators added $20,000 to the group pot. The prize pot is $69,500.

Joi is upset that Jacob lost another mission and ruined their chances at an exemption. She confronts Jacob at the table in front of everyone and calls him out as The Mole.

The Mole
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The Mole Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Greg: Come on! I think as soon as the rules were announced, she knew she was gonna take it.
Avori: Absolutely! I don’t trust Kesi. She’s a very good actress, actually.

Kesi: I truly don’t believe we had any opportunity to actually win $20 grand yesterday. If it wasn’t gonna be me, I thought it was gonna be somebody else.
Casey: I do want to say well played. This is a game, through and through. You stepped up for yourself, so hats off to you right now.