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In this episode of The Muppets, Fozzie accidentally shoots Statler in the face with a t-shirt gun and spends the rest of his evening waiting on him hand and foot. But what seems like it might be a heartwarming glimpse at Statler's softer side turns out to be just another cruel prank foisted on the hapless bear.

Meanwhile, Miss Piggy decides she wants to bond with the crew so she forces them to invite her to post-show drinks at Rowlf's bar. They're initially irked but come around when guest star Ed Helms shows up and leads them all in several memorable rounds of karaoke. As part of the bonding, Piggy gives everyone permission to show up for work several hours late. And when they do show up, they are all in various states of hungover/still drunk. Aghast at what this newfound camaraderie is doing to his show, Kermit tries to persuade Piggy that she is too big of a star to be friends with all the little people.

And in relationship news, Sam The Eagle is desperately pining for Janice, Beaker and Bunsen are apparently an item (!), and Kermit is beginning to wonder if he made a mistake in breaking up with the fabulous Miss Piggy.

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This evening my phD stands for Pretty Hard Drinking!


I know the perfect way to win back the crowd;