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Jim and Hallie argue over her new job at carnage.com and when her editor asks her to write a more personal article she writes it about her and Jim. He thinks he job is more reality show than news. This time the two break up.

Maggie's new boyfriend realizes that she's still hung up on Jim and they argue. 

The HR rep has proof that Don and Sloan are a couple but it doesn't matter as the network is being sold and the HR rep will know longer work for ACN.

Mac pushes everyone to vet the Kundu story to be ready in 96 hours but it's a struggle as a man and his family may be put in danger. She meets with the source, Millie to extend her deadline but she refuses. Mac tells Millie that if she dumps the information online that she will give her name to the FBI.

Mac tells Will she knows the name of the source. He tells her to never repeat that information to anyone. 

Sloan and Charlie search for another buyer after Charlie and Pruitt argue over the future of the news network.  They believe they have another buyer for ACN but then realize it was all a ploy. Charlie is outraged when Pruitt ends up buying the network.

Will refuses to comply with the court order to give up the source and is sentenced to jail for contempt of court. Before he has to turn himself in at 5pm, he and Mac get married at city hall. 

The Newsroom
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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Needless to say I'm impressed by your indifference to talent, experience and credentials and I assume the absence of the words truth, trust, and professionalism in your mission statement was an oversight.


Proud is generally what people pretend they are when they've lost.