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Will is jail for 52 days for contempt of court. When Lilly Hart (the source) shoots herself on the steps of the Department of Justice. Will still won't give up her name and remains in jail.

The new ACN becomes reality with Pruitt at the helm. The staff is frustrated by the lack of focus on real news. Sloan is disgusted by the new ACN stalker celebrity app and asks the man running it to be interviewed. Mac tries to shut it down but Pruitt loves the idea.

Don is ordered by Pruitt to bring a young woman who started a website calling out men who have raped students but there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute as well as the man she says raped her on for a live interview, together. He's appalled by it but is told he'll lose his job if he doesn't.

Don finds the young woman and all but begs her to turn him down because the interview will turn into a media circus and she still won't find the justice she's looking for. She still wants to do it. 

In Russia, Maggie and Jim scramble to get on the same plane as Snowden. They get on the plane but Snowden doesn't. They argue over their relationship and Jim admits that he still has feelings for her. Eventually, Maggie kisses him.

Back at ACN, Sloan eviscerates the stalker app on live TV. Pruitt is furious and threatens to fire her and Mac. Charlie says he can't. The Don tells Charlie he couldn't find the woman with the website to interview her. Charlie is furious. Pruitt calls him upstairs. As he turns to go, he collapses to the floor.

Will is released from jail as the prosecutor believes that the source was Lilly Hart. Mac meets him outside the jail and has to tell him that Charlie died of a heart attack. 

The Newsroom
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Can you do me a favor and not worry that the world's most benign promo is a threat to democracy?


I'm not your wife. Raise your hands above your hips and I'll knock you the fuck into next week.