Taking a tour - The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 1
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A video of Richard Roper talking about his philanthropic efforts is playing.

It's Cairo, 2011, Jonthan Pine is walking throught he streets of Cairo where there is unrest. He goes into a hotel. He's the night manager.

There are tear gas bombs hitting the hotel as guests are freaking out inside. He handles it with class, calming one guest by sending her into the bar for a drink on the house.

Pine is behind the desk talking with his boss when Sophie Alekan walks by. She is the mistress of Freddie Hamid, a wealthy and powerful businessman. She comes to the desk to ask him to bring her coffee. She waits in the lobby. When he brings it, she asks him to join her, but he initially declines. She wants to know what he knows about her. He sits and tells her.

She asks him to make a copy of some documents. Initially he wants to send her to business services, but he insists he does it in his office. The papers are in regards to Richard Roper, his company The Iron Last, and some apparent arms deals.

She tells him to put the copy in an envelope in the safe just in case something happens to her.

Pine goes to the hotel's kitchen to talk to his friend Youssef to ask about Freddie Hamid. He gets a number and calls it, finds out Hamid is meeting with Roper.

He looks up Roper on the computer. He can't sleep.

The next day he goes to visit his friend Simon Ogilvey at the British Embassy and gives him the papers. He doesn't give Ogilvey any information on where he got the papers, but insists he turn them over to British intelligence.

In London, a messenger delivers the papers to Angela Burr.  Her boss, Rex Mayhew sent them. She immediately wants her associate, Rob, to get all the files on Roper he can.

Sophie calls Jonathan at the front desk. She wants him to bring her a drink. When he delivers it, she asks him who he gave the papers to. Richard Roper was warned that he was being investigated and the deal with Freddie was called off. In response, Freddie beat up Sophie.

Jonathan takes Sophie to another room. Pine calls Simon for some help. Freddie Hamid shows up demanding he give him the key to Sophie's room. He takes Hamid there, but Sophie is gone. Hamid is very upset. He gets a call from Roper and tells Jonthan to call him if Sophi shows up.

He goes to her room and tells her he is going to take her somewhere safe. She wants him to go with and he does. They arrive at a friend's house who will be gone for two weeks. Youssef is the driver.

He stays with her and they talk some more. She knows he wants her. They sleep together.

In London, Angela is talking to Rex who has told her there will be a joint meeting to talk about the Roper case. People aren't  happy he's being investigated.

Pine tells Sophie he's going to get her out of the country. He visits Simon who tells him it's a no go. Hamid and Roper know too many people. Her best bet is to try to convince Hamid she didn't hand over the papers.

Pine calls Sophie to tell her the bad news. She hangs up on him. She comes back to the hotel and is very cold to Pine. It's like they don't even know each other. She goes to her room.

In London, Angela finds out that the joint intelligence meeting has been canceled. She's angry. Then finds out that it was Simon who handed over the papers. He knows him, so he's going to find out more information.

Pine takes a call from Angela. She tells him he needs to get Sophie out of the hotel immediately. He runs to her room, but she's already dead.

At MI6 headquarters, Angela is looking out over the river.

Jonathan is giving information to the police regarding Sophie. He tells them about Hamid, but they don't listen. They claim they don't know who that is. One cop tells him that maybe he killed her.

Four years later, Pine is getting dressed with precision. He's the night manager at a new hotel in Switzerland.

He learns from his boss that Richard Roper is coming to the hotel for a couple of days. There is a package that needs to be delivered to him when he arrives. He has flashbacks of Sophie.

Roper arrives and he introduces himself. Roper seems suspicious. He asks a lot of questions about where Pine worked before. Pine lies, never mentioning Cairo.

He takes them to their room. Pouring champagne. Roper's girlfriend, Jed, undresses in front of them and gets into the bath. She wants more champagne and Roper tells him to deliver it, but he was only kidding.

The group is conducting business while Pine is in the room. Pine is trying to gather as much information as he can. After he leaves, he goes back to the desk and gets copies of the hotel list. He pulls out Ropers package and makes and writes down what's inside. Then he asks someone to deliver it. He also asks the guy to take out the trash in Roper's room

Jed comes to the lobby in a robe and nothing else. She wants to know if the pool is open. He opens it for her, then goes digging through the trash and finds some computer chips Roper threw into a champagne bottle.

At home, he calls Angela and sets a meeting.

The next day, there is a meeting in the conference room. he doesn't learn anything, then goes outside to smoke. Roper joins him. Roper asks more questions and compliments Pine for not throwing away his cigarette when he walked up. He says goodbye as they are leaving the next day.

Pine meets with Angela. She still feels bad about what happened in Cairo. She wants to know what he's going to do about avenging Sophie's death.


The Night Manager
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The Night Manager Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Sophie: Have you always been the night manager?
Jonathan: It's my profession, yes.
Sophie: You chose it?
Jonathan: I think it chose me.
Sophie: It's a shame. You look fine by the light.

Freddie Hamid is everything the protesters hate. Incredibly wealthy. Corrupt to the core.

Sophie Alekan