Have You Heard? - The Night Of
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A Muslim kid is in school in NYC. He's asked with his friends to go to a party that night. He goes home to Queens. His friend bails on the party, so the kid, Nazir (Naz) steals his dad's cab to get to the party. Unfortunately, he can't get the light off.

People keep getting into the cab. The police even help him out. But then a girl gets into the cab. He decides not to kick her out. She wants to go to the beach. There are no beaches in Manhattan. A river would be fine.

Is she hoping to commit suicide?

Nas buys a beer and a bottle of water for him and his customer. In the meantime, she flicks a cigarette out at a gas station, something the hearse driver next to them doesn't think is too cool.

Naz gets back into the car and they're off. When they get to the river, the girl gives him a pill. She can't be alone tonight. She wants to transport herself. He takes the pill.

They get back into the cab. Now she's in the front. She's smiling. He's rubbing his eyes. He makes it back to her place. Two black guys walk by. One of them asks if Naz left his bombs at home. His friend, though, stares right through the back of her head.

She picks up a knife. Naz brings out his inhaler. He's allergic to cats, which she has. She puts the cat outside. She begins slicing limes for tequila shots. They do a shot, and she begins playing with the knife.

The girl introduces him to more drugs. Then she wants him to play the knife game on her hand. He misses. They have sex.

He wakes up at the kitchen table in front of an open refrigerator. He goes upstairs without closing the door. Candles are burning. In her room, he pulls on his clothes. When she doesn't answer him, he turns on her bedside lamp. There's blood everywhere. She's dead.

He runs straight to the cab. But he left his keys inside. The door is now locked. He breaks back in. A neighbor sees him do it. He grabs his coat, the bloody knife, the cocaine vial and runs back out, the entire time the neighbor watching. There is a ticket on his cab. He pulls out. The cab light goes on, he almost wrecks. The drive home is nightmarish, but he is pulled over.

He made an illegal left turn. While the badass cop's partner wants her to cut the kid loose, she wants to take him on a break-in call. His break-in. They leave the cab behind, and Naz leaves a bloody smudge on the door.

The police are all over the place, and Naz is in the backseat watching the whole thing. It's like a freakin' nightmare. A Det. Box arrives at the scene and wants the kid cut loose taken to the station. Nobody knows why he's being taken to the station. They think he's a witness. He makes a mistake. "Is she dead?"

While they're talking about the knife at the apartment, Naz realizes he has the knife in his coat at the station.

Meanwhile, the kid who was talking smack when Naz arrived begins asking questions of the police. What? Did he kill her?

At the station, Naz realizes nobody is paying attention to him. He begins shifting chairs to get closer to the door. As he's doing so, the neighbor is brought in.

Box asks the kid on the street who the "he" is in the sentence "did he kill her." No. The dude is a total ass, talking about Naz being a Muslim and then calling him a Puerto Rican, and then suggests it's all coming out wrong. What if he just gets Box's card and he just bang him on this later? He's taken in.

Naz's family is now worried about him. He's not answering his phone and didn't go out with his friend.

Everything comes together at the same time. Naz is being patted down, the neighbor says the guy didn't leave in A cab, but HIS cab and the street dude identified him.

Box begins to question Naz. Naz tells the truth. He doesn't know what happened. He fell asleep. He woke up and she was like that. She was only the second girl he ever slept with in his life. He liked her.

He insists he didn't kill her. He can't remember. Box says judges and juries like honest and remorse. He tries to get Naz to say something other than the truth to suit his own agenda.

When it comes time to treat him like a "crime scene," they do so brutally. Slamming him against a cage, telling him to shut the fuck up. They slap him. Box sits there, then says sorry about that, handing him a pile of clothes. Naz remains polite throughout.

Never once does he ask for an attorney, even when asked for a penile swab.

The chain of evidence was broken. The dispatcher was taken and the guys who took the swabs didn't get the clothes.

An attorney named John takes on Naz as a client. He asks interesting questions, about America, whether he was read his rights, if the Detective said he HAD to answer those he was asked. Sighs when he hears the answers.

When Jack discovers what the kid really did and which detective is handling the case, he's not pleased. He looks at Naz almost with pity. He had hoped to get him out, but now he just gets him a phone call, which Naz makes to his parents.

When they learn about it, his father runs out of the house. But he's not going to the jail, he's going to find his cab, which isn't where he thinks it is. Credits roll.

The Night Of
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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Naz: What's that?
Girl: This is the party you missed.

Det. Box: Well I don't want him here. Either take him back to the house or cut him loose.
Det. Lady: Sir, we'll take him...
Det. Box: You're staying here.