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Box is at the bar, listening to two guys talk about a TV show about a detective who came back from a war with his legs blown off.

Box is back at work, watching the video of Andrea the night she got into Naz's cab. She was looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was following her. She looked scared shitless.

We're being shown more from the night of, and it will play out as people sit on the stand. 

They finally have Duane Reade on the stand. He's been in jail. His modus operandi has been using a knife in past crimes.

Chandra tries to place doubt in the Jury's mind by questioning Duane, Andrea's stepdad, the mortuary fellow and the other guy from the street, among others. Any of them could have been anywhere, including Andrea's house.

Box is finally looking at video from earlier on Andrea's walk from the night of. She got into an argument with a man. He couldn't be identified straight away, but Box continued to dig. 

Stone and Chandra get into an argument about putting Naz onto the stand. Stone says if Naz goes onto the stand, he'll be required to prove his innocence and everything else they presented will go out the window. Chandra feels as though she has presented the entire case and Stone did nothing.

Chandra went to Naz anyway. He says if he does it, he'll need some help. And help on the stand isn't the kind of help he means.

Box is asking a friend for names and addresses of people who went to the restaurant on the video the night of without a subpoena. 

Chandra is buying large condums (magnums). She's going to smuggle drugs into the prison for Naz? WTF?

Chandra shows up to visit Naz. She gives him a pill from her bra. Where's the rest of it, he asks? Chandra reaches into her crotch and pulls out bags of pills, which he then puts up his ass. I can't even. 

She walks out without another word.

Naz is on the stand. High, I think. Mrs. Weiss asks Naz if he tells lies. If he has sex with strangers. Naz starts to get snippy when he says to Mrs. Weiss, How would you like it? She says, Excuse me? He says, If you were me, up here, answering these kinds of questions.

Chandra realizes it was probably not the best idea to put Naz on the stand. Mrs. Weiss made a case that even if Naz didn't stab her, he could have saved her.  Stone tells Chandra she just convicted Naz.

After giving Kitty a good home, Stone is so down that he gives him back to the shelter. No discussion. Stone vacuuming the room and sucking up Kitty's toys is one of the saddest scenes ever.

Box is still looking at the case. He's digging into Andrea's phone records, doing the job he should have been doing before Nasir's case went to trial.

Box has nailed down his suspect. It's Ray Halle. He was the victim of a shooting on Yom Kippur. He beat up a prostitute. And he has a gambling problem.

Naz is recruiting in Rikers for Freddy. New guy could swallow his wife's bags of junk.

Box presents the case to Mrs. Weiss. Her only reply? We've got more on the kid. Box is disappointed and walks away.

In Rikers, Freddy gets a disc from the security guard. It appears to have something incriminating about Naz on it.

Stone received a copy as well. Chandra kissing Naz.

Stone goes to see Naz. He's going to try to get a mistrial. It doesn't happen. The judge thinks it's a ploy to try to force a mistrial. Instead, Stone has to do the close when the jury has never seen him.

Stone goes to see Box. He wonders what he found. He says he must be pretty sure about it. Box walks. Stone screams, Who did it?

Chandra thinks the conversation with her boss is going well until she's fired.

Box gets up and walks out at the exact moment in Mrs. Weiss' closing argument when she says Naz was the one and only suspect the police ever considered. It shakes her confidence. She can't deliver the close she wanted.

Stone is attempting to practice his closing arguments when he's stricken with a terrible scratching attack. He seems unable to see the correlation between the breakout and stress. He needs Valium and to be on anti-anxiety medication.

Nobody knew the case better or what else should have been investigated better than Stone. His closing statement was beautifully delivered. Box was back in the courtroom. Mrs. Weiss even seemed moved. 

Stone is at a meeting.

Freddy is sharing with Naz. It's not so bad in Rikers, right? He's got people who care about him. He cares about Naz. Naz wonders why. Freddy tells him again how different he is than all of the others, how he smells of innocence. With Naz under his wing, he feels like he has what no one else has. A unicorn. Why would he not take care of him. What kind of a cold individual does he think he is?

Sadly, Freddy doesn't see the irony that because of him, Naz has smoked heroin and committed crimes he would never have done without his protection and influence. 

But, damn. I still kind of cried over it.

The court is checking in with the jury. They feel they are deadlocked. The judge doesn't like that word and will not allow them to use it. They're six to six and certain it won't change. As far as they're concerned, they're done.

The judge dismisses the jury. Mrs. Weiss stops things right there. There will not be another trial, as her office declines to prosecute further.

Naz is free to go home. But he goes back to Rikers to get his possessions. As he's walking out the door, Freddy is hitting the heavy bag. Naz looks back at him, but says nothing.

Freddy left for Naz The Call of the Wild by Jack London to take home with him.

It's blustery cold. Naz's father is waiting for him with a winter coat.

Box is NYU Campus Security. Mrs. Weiss wants him to be there when she goes to get Ray Halle. 

The family has put their house up for sale. The bills must have gotten overwhelming. Naz's mother still doesn't seem up to things. She smiles at him from the kitchen, but he doesn't return it. They speak later in his room.

Naz goes out into the community and everyone stares at him. Stone says nobody is even thinking of him anymore, but everyone clearly is staring at him. The kid who testified against him comes into the shop. It's a tense moment.

Naz is a heroin addict. His life will never be the same.

Stone is watching the equivalent of Forensics Files again. He gets a call. He's back to his old routine. An ASPCA commercial comes on, and Stone puts on his gloves and coat, walking out of the house. The camera focuses on the door while "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" plays in the background. Kitty finally comes strolling into the kitchen. She no longer lives trapped in one room!


The Night Of
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The Night Of Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Mrs. Weiss: Do you ever lie Mr. Kahn?
Naz: I try not to.

Chandra: Did you kill her?
Naz: No. I couldn't have. Even if I was out of my mind I couldn't do that. I know it in my heart.