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Oscar and Felix are invited to a friend's wedding. Felix views it as an opportunity to show his ex-wife that he's changed. 

Felix reminds Oscar that a girl he had a crush on will also be at the wedding. 

Felix is distraught to find out his ex is bringing a date to the wedding. Emily hints that he should bring a date too and he asks her to go with him. 

Felix meets Ashley's date and it is obvious he's gay. She is surprised that Felix would think that she'd be insensitive enough to bring a date when she knew he'd be there. Felix lies and tells her that Emily is Oscar's girlfriend. 

Oscar tells Emily to keep a low profile because he wants to make a move on Olivia, but then another woman he knows tries to make a move on him and he tells her Emily is his fiancee. 

Felix tells Ashley that living with Oscar has loosened him up. He tries to convince her he's not as neurotic as he was by letting him mess up his hair and spilling on his shirt. 

Felix has an allergic reaction and Ashley stabs him with an EpiPen. Felix learns that she still cares for him. 

Oscar misses his chance with Olivia to take him home, but she mistakenly believes he is gay anyway. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

He's got them stashed all over the apartment like an alcoholic. I found one in the bookcase behind my vodka.


So I get to put on a suit and talk about how great you are? I was hoping to avoid that until your funeral.