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Oscar is experiencing hearing loss and dizziness. Felix insists he should see a doctor, but Oscar argues that he doesn't need it. Felix wins out and makes him an appointment with his doctor. 

Felix has a standing weekly appointment at his doctor's office and everyone knows him well. He even has his own chair with a plaque designating it as his. 

The doctor and Oscar flirt and seem to be hitting it off. She determines Oscar only has blockage in his ear and clears it out. 

Oscar invites her to to a Knicks game and Felix is upset about him going out with his doctor. Felix worries if they break up then she'll be furious with him and stop treating him. 

Felix is clearly a hypochondriac and he interrupts them on their third date at the apartment asking for an exam. She worries that she may need to drop him as a patient if she and Oscar continue to date. 

Felix researches obscure diseases on the internet and is convinced he has one. Oscar tells him to leave Sharon alone and not bother her with his imaginary illnesses outside of her office. 

Emily tells Felix a story about her irrational fear of polio when she was a kid and losing a whole summer over it. She tries to help him get over his obsession. 

Oscar starts to become paranoid about the disease Felix was worried about when Sharon tells him she had a patient who was concerned she had it. 

Sharon becomes annoyed at them and drops Felix as a patient and breaks up with Oscar. 

The Odd Couple
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The Odd Couple Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

They're not gonna find anything. They're just gonna nag me about my diet and lack of exercise and I already have you for that.


Felix: I took the liberty of starting your intake paperwork, but I was not comfortable filling out all of the sexual history.
Oscar: But you weren't afraid to sketch the mole on my back.
Felix: Not a sketch, more of a rubbing. You are a deep sleeper.
Oscar: Not anymore.