On Set with The Godfather - The Offer
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Colombo is on TV as Charlie and Bob watch. Fucks are all around.

Bettye wonders what the hell. It's front-page news. Al tries to brush it off, but Bettye doesn't have his confidence.

If Al saw Charlie's reaction, he wouldn't, either. Charlie wants Gulf and Western sold and off his books by the end of the day.

Ali is displeased when Bob fires up the jet so he can support Ruddy or produce the picture himself.

It's the first day of filming, but Al is nowhere to be seen. Francis wonders where he is. Then the first scene is slated, and it doesn't go well, with Al walking down the street in an odd direction.

Nobody thinks he's a leading man. Francis is worried, too. Pacino is nervous. The lines keep flying out of his head. Francis says it's the motivation. Be in the moment with the woman he loves. That's what he needs.

Bob is in Charlie's office waiting with Barry. Charlie is angry and fires Al on the spot. Al grabs some cigars on the way out.

A whole group of people is heading into Charlie's office. Bettye wants Al to fight for it. He's not in that place yet.

She's pissed that he plows through everything without thinking about those areound him. He says she wasn't hired to protect him. Go find another job. She slaps him across the face.

Bob's doing coke on the jet as he and Peter discuss possibilities. They think the bottom line will be all that motivates Charlie.

A dude called an emergency board meeting for this afternoon to offload Paramount.

Meanwhile, Colombo is getting hell about Gallo.

Gallo has a gift for Carmine's family. It's the thousand dollars that Colombo sent to him.

When Al get to set, he tells Francis he's going to make a beautiful film. He's got his yellow.

Colombo calls the kid who is working on the film to lunch. He says that sometimes, unfortunate things present opportunities, but to step up, you gotta be a man. Accepted.

Charlie and Barry are at dinner waiting for Andy Calhoun, a gay oil man. He hates caviar, and that doesn't settle well with Charlie.

Charlie tries to sell the sale, but Andy brings up recent headlines. But that offer isn't on the table anymore. He'll offer 50% of the past offer. Charlie comes close to exploding.

Bettye goes to see Colombo. No ladies allowed, but an exception is made. She shares the news about Al's firing. He acts as if he doesn't know what happened. She shows him the headline.

Colombo will look into it.

Mario worries over Al's firing, but Francis keeps things moving.

Barry thinks they should take the offer. Charlie stops the elevator and grabs him by the collar, calling him an idiot for showing his hand.

Colombo wants to shut down the movie. No Al, no movie. Al isn't on board with that, but it would be hard not to be a little pleased.

There's a union problem. People are threatening not to come back after lunch.

Bob finally landed. Charlie is in an emergency board meeting. Bob takes off, knocking just as the sale is put to a vote.

Bob goes straight to the heart. America doesn't trust politics or big business, so what can people look up to? He pulls out the huddled masses, offering them popcorn, Coca-Cola, a brief respite to life, and a whole lot of entertainment.

You do not throw in the towel when your fighter is ready to finish off a one-two punch. They can feed souls who want stories, love, romance, violence, and guns.

Even Charlie is impressed, although he tosses Bob from the room.

Charlie feels good that he gets to make the call to Andy Calhoun, telling the inbred motherfucker to go fuck himself.

Francis calls next. He needs Ruddy back. Without Al, it all falls apart thanks to the union.

Mario is impressed with Bettye, but she did it only for herself. She hates when others make choices for her.

Ruddy arrives, looking for Cesar. Nothing moves without him. Al gives the word.

Bob arrives, and Al and Bob get themselves straightened out. Just before a night scene begins shooting, Charlie arrives on set. He's hearing Bob's speech in his head.

After chatting with Bob, Charlie heads over to Al. If he ever talks to the press again, he won't just fire him, he'll kill him.

Al apologizes to Bettye, and Cesar tells him what she did.

It was a split decision to sell Paramount, and Charlie was the deciding vote against.

Charlie kicks the instigator off of the board, barking at him on his way out.

Colombo introduces Al to Sinatra, who sees Al as the guy who straightened out the script that he never saw or read.

While Al is with them, Cesar rolls up on someplace to shoot three people to kingdom come. It was Gallo's new family. Gallo is lurking in the dark, a strange smile on his face.

The Offer
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The Offer Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Charlie: You fucked me, Ruddy. You fucked me good! You destroyed my company.
Al: I'm sorry, but it's not my job to care about your company. My job is to do what's best for the movie, and I would do it all over again.

Ali: You're literally going to New York right now?
Bob: If Ruddy manages to survive this thing, he's going to need backup, and if he doesn't, I gotta be there to produce this thing myself.
Ali: Don't you have people who work for you that can deal with this?
Bob: Honey! I'm the head of the goddamned studio. I am the fuckin' people who deal with this.