Brando Goes Method - The Offer
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Couple of guys are driving a truck when they get stopped by an unmoving car in the street. It's Gallo. He kills the driver and lets the passenger take off into the woods. Gallo puts the rifle to the shot guy's face and blows it away.

Al goes to Bob's place. He needs his help. Al says Bob told him to do whatever he could to make his movie. Bob thinks Al is crazy for asking him to get Pacino out of his contract.

Barry is talking to Gulf & Western that they shouldn't be in the movie business anymore. It's too unpredictable. It's time to sell Paramount.

Bettye and Andrea have to break the news to Francis that Pacino isn't available. He unravels.

Bob is making Ali watch Needle In the Park. She doesn't know why. It doesn't matter about the script. She can't take her eyes off of Pacino.

Bob finally chuckles it off a bit.

Bettye shows Al the paper. The man killed was Carmine. She's really scared.

Jack is there to help Al with anything he needs. Jack called the editor to get to know him a bit.

Bob is annoyed that the head of MGM is in his own booth when he arrives. He's there to swap actors, DeNiro for Pacino. The guy passes. But he'll do it for a Harold Robbins book.

Dean Tavoularis delivers bad news. The city is pulling permits. And the guy who helped them get them has been fired.

The FBI storms Colombo's place. They've got warrants. Congressman Biaggi sends his best.

Al heads to Carmine's funeral, where Colombo is running the room.

Al and Colombo talk Biaggi, and Al apologizes that he has to bother him on a day like this.

Colombo and Biaggi have drinks. Biaggi wants a clean slate. He thinks there's been a misunderstanding. Colombo wants the feds off his back. And one more thing...

Peter pitches Bob Chinatown. Bob is kind of down after hearing that Paramount is about to be spun off.

Francis is pushing for the full working kitchen. Bob pushes back. Jack enters about the budget, and he says they need to make cuts everywhere.

Al and Andrea got it on, and when she needs to talk, he thinks it's about that. It's not. It's about casting the last big part. Right after, Francis needs to talk about the budget. He calls Bob but doesn't get a call back.

Bob's assistant told Bettye that Al needs to go to Charlie himself. So he does.

Charlie proposes that Al and Francis put up their fees against a loan of $6 million. Francis takes it.

Casting dinner. The guy playing James Caan is waaaay too tall.

Francis welcomes everyone and says to sit where they want. Everyone hesitates until Brando takes the head of the table.

They're already the family.

Francis isn't sure what's going on. It's like a free-for-all where they all get into character, easily one of the best scenes so far.

Bettye says Bob needs to talk to Cesar. Cesar arrives, lunch in hand.

The FBI is here to see him. Agent Zabel and Richmond. They wondering how he got in bed with the mafia. They want to put a wire on Al under the guise of protection.

Bob didn't want Ali to take the role with Steve McQueen, but to hear him tell it, it was his idea.

Barry calls to tell Bob he was right about Love Story. Bob knows they're trying to sell.

Bettye doesn't like caviar, making Charlie laugh.

Charlie wants Bettye to work for him. It's his backdoor way to take care of her when he takes Paramount.

Bob is fuming about the potential sale. When he sees a surveyor looking to expand the cemetery, he goes out and kicks him off the lot.

Al has to see Colombo. If he's not back in an hour, Bettye will call for his agents.

Colombo is throwing his support behind Biaggi for reelection. He also announces that the League has allows Gulf & Western to make The Godfather. He showers Al with praise by saying they're donating the money from the premiere to the League fund. Al is gobsmacked.

The Offer
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The Offer Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Colombo: They made it so he can't even have an open coffin. That way, the people that love him can't say goodbye the right way. It's just not done. You did the right thing by comin' here. I appreciate that.
Al: Well, there's an old saying. Nobody should be invited to a funeral, and everyone should come.

Listen to me. You're still a putz, but I got Pacino. He's in the picture.