Out of their casual clothes and back to work, the Scranton branch is ready to endure the ways of Michael Scott once again. But as always, Michael insists all his workers loosen up.

He is also still trying to prove that he is cooler than Charles, which makes for an interesting episode. He decides to spice things up a bit by purchasing an espresso machine!

It doesn't stop there though. Michael decides to place this espresso machine in the former home of the former Michael Scott Paper Company, along with a boom box.

Michael just wants to set it up as a place for them to hang out and eat some good finger foods. However, everyone is not up for his proposed dance party.

Kevin finally decides to go downstairs to the Café Disco, not to dance, but to use the espresso machine.

Michael still has big hopes for his Café Disco, so he decides to crank up some music and put the boom box near the air vent.

Of course, leave it to the sweet and sensual sounds of C+C Music Factory to get people excited. Phyllis is the first to head downstairs.

She makes a quick stop at her husband Bob Vance's office, to see if he wants to get down and dirty with her. But his secretary, someone who looks a lot like Phyllis, does not let her in.

Perplexed, Phyllis automatically assumes that Bob is cheating on her with bizarro Phyllis. To get rid of her anxieties, she dances with Michael, but throws her back out.

It gets even worse for Phyllis when Dwight strips down to his undershirt and gives Phyllis a massage in the conference room.

Not sure how much Phyllis was enjoying it, but she ends up revealing she thinks Bob is having an affair with his secretary.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Erin, the new receptionist, head downstairs to see what the Café Disco is like.

The warehouse guys find out there are a few ladies dancing the day away, and that is how the party really starts.

And by party, we mean competitive dancing. Andy reads Kelly's flirtatious moves as a challenge to a dance off.

If an award was available for how well someone can dance with a chair, I am sure Andy would win.

But wait, Kelly takes up this challenge and grabs the chair to pull a "Flashdance" scene.

Think the dancing's done? Not until Kevin busts-a-move. He gets his freak on with the woman that he's been seeing earlier this season.

Michael feels his day is complete because Café Disco is a success. Jim and Pam also feel it has completed their day.

They were planning on sneaking out of the office to get married! Yes, an unplanned surprise wedding. Luckily, the Café Disco reminded them how much they want a cheesy wedding, with the mixing of the YMCA dance and dino shaped chicken nuggets.

Eventually, Bob comes downstairs to dance with Phyllis. She is all rested up from Dwight's tantric massage, but is still skeptical about Bob's secretary.

At long last, it is Stanley who has benefited the most from Café Disco. Since everyone was gone, he was able to take a nice long nap in the office.

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The Office Season 5 Episode 27 Quotes

Erin: Oh my God! I can't believe it! I jut won an art contest! [Erin screams, Pam and Jim look at each other, Dwight, laughing, gets up and hands her some money]
Erin: [whispering] Thanks. I still don't understand why you wanted me to say that.
Dwight: Shut up.

[caught by camera crew dancing to "At the Car Wash"] Oh, no. I still have the lease on the Michael Scott Paper Company, so occasionally I will sneak down here for a little coffee and dancing. I actually dance all the time. Tip-toeing around corporate - it is a ballet. When I am breaking all the rules, I am break dancing. And expresso.