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Another year gone by, another company picnic.

But first, a little prank.

The staff is setting all of the clocks ahead after Michael fell asleep due to a pot pie overdose. It works like a charm as Michael wakes up, thinks it’s 5 and promptly leaves, giving everyone an accidental half-day.

As Dwight set the clock in his car ahead, Michael wouldn’t discover the error until he gets home. Simple. Brilliant. Success.

Now for the office picnic.

Corporate joins up with the other branches for some fine, spring picnic fun. Lemonade, volleyball, bad sketches and announcements of a branch closing are all included on the unwritten agenda for this fine company outing.

Dwight brought his creepy, rude friend Ralph, whom he met in a shoe store.

Ralph was at the store trying to find shoes that could increase his speed and not leave any tracks. He and Dwight hit it off from the start.

While Ralph is just as abrupt and downright rude as Dwight has a tendency to be, Dwight won’t stand for Ralph giving Angela a hard time for breaking his friend’s heart. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Angela.

Michael and Holly are reunited as they’re working on a skit to perform in front of corporate and the other branches. After Michael wastes no time making little jabs at Holly’s boyfriend AJ, he and Holly set off to figure out what they’re going to do for the skit.

Their time together involves them exchanging their usual brand of dorky humor and making eyes at each other every chance they get.

They are so into each other but the timing isn’t right. But as Michael himself says, in a rare lucid moment, their story is long and for it, he’s prepared to wait.

During their sketch, Holly and Michael proceed to do mock the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, jumping from Holly asking Michael Dunder Mifflin-related questions to acting out flashbacks of the answers.

Everyone looks bored, but Michael and Holly get everyone’s attention when Holly quizzes Michael on which branch will be closing.

Michael, who learned from David that Buffalo was getting the ax, makes the announcement by answering the question and Holly confirms it’s correct.

The Buffalo branch, sitting down in front, weren’t too pleased.

As for the volleyball tournament, the DM-Scranton team wasn’t doing so great until Pam steps in. Apparently, Pam played volleyball regularly throughout her adolescence and thanks to her abilities, her team kills.

When it came time to play corporate, Pam stumbled and Charles, who still has it out for Jim even though he’s no longer his boss, insisted that Pam get her ankle looked at, claiming that because it’s a company picnic, it’s a company injury.

He's just trying to get the star player off the court, of course.

Jim took Pam to the hospital while Dwight used various stall-tactics to keep the game from starting back up. As Pam was about to go in for an X-Ray, the nurse started firing off questions.

Pam just wanted to rush through it so she could get back to the game but when we saw her next, she was in an exam room talking to a doctor.

The viewers' vantage point view is outside the room, looking through a window and Jim is called in to talk to them.

Everything is muted as they didn’t have microphones on in the examination room, but based on Jim’s surprised expression added to the hug he and Pam exchanged, it was pretty obvious what the doctor had to tell them.

Yes, Pam’s pregnant.

Jim stepped out of the room to call Dwight and tell him to send in the back-up players. He looked at the camera, smiled a teary smile and then returned to the exam room to hug Pam.

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The Office Season 5 Episode 28 Quotes

Jim: Michael had chicken potpie for lunch. Actually, let me rephrase that, Michael had an entire chicken pot pie for lunch, and- let me be more specific. Michael ate an entire family-sized chicken potpie for lunch and then he promptly fell asleep, so we're all trying to be very quiet so as to not wake him up before 5:00 pm. Which, actually, should be in about... ten minutes.

[phone rings] Dunder Mifflin, this is Erin... He's not available right now... Uh huh... Yes... Sure, I'll give him the message when he gets up... gets back.