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Pam tries to motivate Michael by peppering the checklist with attainable goals (big breakfast, song parody titles), while Vikram expresses horror when it is realizes that "Nana" was Michael's grandmother.

The latest incarnation of Ryan is basically a combination of all the worst qualities of Ryan 1.0 (bitter, bored temp) and 2.0 (lame, full-of-himself executive) without any of the good qualities of either.

At the end, Michael has to talk a panicked Pam out of the car, which is a  reminder that Michael does know what he's doing some of the time, which means Pam wasn't a complete idiot for following him out the door.


Jim's constant humiliations from Charles continue, and Kevin's brief stint as the receptionist at Dunder-Mifflin ends with Andy's maid dying.


How will the Michael Scott Paper Company fare in Part II of this de facto hour-long episode? Stay tuned ...

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