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On the season seven premiere...

- Dunder Mifflin performs a lip dub version of Nobody But Me throughout the office.

- Gabe is now dating Erin, and Andy is suppressing a lot of rage in order to deal with it.

- Jim tries to pull a prank on Dwight and his huge key ring, but Pam ruins it.  She then pulls a prank of her own, switching all of the elevator buttons on Dwight.

- Michael has hired a new assistant for the office, his nephew.  Nobody likes him and he's terrible at his job, but Michael can't fire him because he's related to him.

- Michael finally gets tired of his nephew and spanks him in front of the entire office.  The kid runs away.

The Office
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The Office Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Michael: You don't have all the facts.
Jo: Which are?
Michael: I love him.
Jo: How far has it gone?

Do you think they should have had open auditions for the band Hanson? What if no one named Hanson showed up? That wouldn't even make sense. Or what if they just hired the littlest kid, and a 50 year old guy...who was a murderer? Really safe.