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The press finds out that Sabre's printers catch on fire. Jo shows up from Tallahassee to find out who the whistleblower is.

Everyone suspects Andy, who denies he leaked the information. But did he? What will the fallout be going forward?

Michael immediately ordered everyone at the beginning to watch a video of him on the internet again and again.

What was the subject? A series of Sabre printers catching fire. Someone had leaked the information to the press.

At first, Michael proclaimed that everyone in his office was innocent, but then things started to unravel.

Everyone began by accusing Andy, who had been concerned about the printers for quite some time.

However, Darryl ultimately revealed the he revealed the news at a bar.

Pam said she leaked the information to the printers while at day care.

Michael invited the two "whistle-blowers" into his van, and they were quickly joined by Kelly.

In an attempt to keep everyone from being fired, the group decided to brainstorm.

Pam's solution? Convince Jo that the consequences for the crime would not be severe, and they would come forward.

Michael ultimately ended up on a plane to an unknown destination, and most of the office decided to throw Andy under the bus.

As it turns out, Andy actually was the one responsible, but only because he wanted to save people's lives.

Michael's "destination" was actually to a nearby press conference, where Jo convinced him to take the fall and announce the recall of one of Sabre's printers.

The Office
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The Office Season 6 Episode 26 Quotes

Gabe: Stanley, it's your turn.
Stanley: I didn't do it.
Gabe: What a rich timber your voice has.

Ryan: I just sent myself a woof.
Erin: Ryan, you have a Woof on Line 1.