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Dwight and Packer fought to sleep with Nellie so that she would give one of them the VP position.  Gabe made Packer sick, but when Nellie came to Dwight to hook up, he passed.


Pam's Replacement started making her move on Jim, but he did everything he could to retreat.  He called Dwight and told him he had bed bugs.  Dwight made things uncomfortable and eventually got Pam's Replacement out of Jim's hotel room.


In Scranton, Val's boyfriend came around and claimed she was sleeping with Darryl.  She denied it and said that was ridiculous.  Pam told Darryl to go for it, so he told Val that the two of them being together wasn't ridiculous.

The Office
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The Office Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Genghis Kahn could take them both down, because he's not afraid to kill children.


I can't be hypnotized Dwight. I tried it. I ended up smoking more.