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Jim, Pam and a number of others from the office head to Roy's Wedding.  He's made some money and met the new woman of his dreams.  When he surprises her with a song on the piano, Jim and Pam realize they have no surprises anymore, except for the secret that Jim started a new company.


Back at the office Dwight Jr. set up a plan to get Erin back to his apartment in skimpy outfits.  When Andy finds out about it, he's on board, only because he thinks it's a serious audition for the news.  Plop and Andy end up busting in on the night and ruining it for Dwight Jr.


Dwight takes Nellie's Charity event as an opportunity to support The Taliban.  Nellie takes that as an opportunity to mess with Dwight.  She makes him sign a contract saying he'll live under Taliban law, steals something, and then tells him to cut her hand off.  He doesn't.

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The Office Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't think that you understand wheels.


A wheel wants to spin, Pam.