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Angela knows about Oscar and her husband so she goes to Dwight to take care of the situation.  He hooks her up with Trevor, and she asks him to take out Oscar's kneecaps.  Dwight doesn't want this to happen so he stops it, but not before Oscar realizes what's happening.


Jim wants to start working part-time so that he can work at his new sport marketing company in Philly, but he needs Stanley and Phyllis to cover for him.  He takes them out to lunch, they order everything on the menu, and they agree to help him.


Pete and the rest of the crew build a house of cards out of the complaint cards for Dunder Mifflin.  When they run out, Pam steps up and gets one final complaint, but they lose a client in the process.

The Office
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The Office Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Kevin: He's a sweet kid Daryl, but he's not the sharpest guy in the drawer.
Pete: Kevin, I can hear you.

I'm not in your panties, I don't go vigilantes.