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Kol meets with Davina who tells him to go back to his family because he could not turn on them. He said he would, and is then told by The Hollow to watch a totem that magnifies her power. He agrees. 

Freya does a locator spell and finds The Hollow, but finds out she has the totem. Rebekah calls Kol to help her out with it. Kol agrees, but it is then revealed he has the totem. 

When Rebekah appears at the house, Marcel appears out of nowhere and offers assistance. When they enter the house,  Kol locks them in with a dark object, effectively blowing his cover. 

Hayley and Freya go to the real house and bump into the villain, who knocks them both out. Hayley wakes up in the bayou with Jackson alive. 

Hayley quickly realized it was The Hollow messing with her, and that she needed to snap out of it, so she ripped his heart out. 

Meanwhile, Klaus caught up with Marcel and Rebekah and was furious to learn Kol was working with The Hollow. 

However, Kol then went to Hope and asked her if she wanted to practice magic, but she said she was not supposed to hang around with strangers. 

Josh was shocked when Davina showed up to see him, thanking him for visiting her while she was dead. 

Klaus caught up with Kol and prepared to kill him, but Kol asked Klaus if he would do the same if it was for Cami and it made Klaus think about it. 

The Hollow made a potion and consumed it, and then almost killed Hayley again. Freya appeared and helped, but Hayley went a little too far and stabbed the villain. 

It killed Davina, while Hope managed to untie the knot. Wait, Josh saved her with his blood. 

Davina and Kol went on the run from everyone in New Orleans. The Hollow went into Hope's body and Elijah returned to life. 


The Originals
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The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You're the King of the city. Can't you condemn this dump?


Kol: Davina?
Davina: I'm right here.
Kol: For a moment, I thought...
Davina: It's okay. I'm still me. Flesh and blood... alive for now.