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On the Planet Krill, Teleya addresses the masses, trying to turn them against the Supreme Chancellor. She states that he is negotiating with the Planetary Union, implying that the treaty will destroy the Krill civilization. She ends with a call for them to make her the new Supreme Chancellor.

On Earth, the Krill delegation is watching a production of Annie with their Planetary Union counterparts. They are startled into clapping as the audience applauds and do so awkwardly.

They share a meal at the Union headquarters and discuss the show. Annie’s refrain of the sun coming out is disturbing to the Krill who view the sun as a symbol of suffering and death.

The Chancellor suggests the Union delegation come to Krill to officially sign the finalized treaty where he expects to be reinstated as Supreme Chancellor.

The Orville crew are relaxing in a simulation of the Wild West of the 1800s. LaMarr congratulates Keyali on her promotion to Lieutenant Commander and seems to flirt with her.

Isaac enters, wearing a cowboy hat and a moustache.

The bridge contacts Mercer and Grayson for a priority call from Admiral Halsey.

Halsey informs them the treaty has been finalized and he has ordered The Orville to transport the delegation to Krill for the signing.

Mercer, Grayson, and Keyali greet the delegation of Senator Balask, President Alcuzan, and Admiral Halsey with an honor guard.

The Admiral briefs Mercer and Grayson on Teleya’s grassroots movement to take the seat of Supreme Chancellor and kill the treaty. Mercer looks uncomfortable watching the footage of one of her speeches.

Halsey asks Mercer for help with Teleya.

Grayson checks in with Mercer in his quarters and he apologizes for not taking her advice regarding releasing Teleya after their encounter with the Chak’tal.

Mercer shows Grayson a video of the Chancellor oppressing the Krill and explains that the video is a deep fake, made to discrediit the Chancellor. There are ones made to discredit Teleya as well. It’s a political ploy the Krill do regularly and with great skill.

The Orville arrives at Krill and is escorted into their airspace by three battle cruisers.

Mercer and Burke accompany the delegation down to the planet’s surface by shuttle.

Once they’ve landed safely, Halsey invites Burke to join the delegation as an observer.

They are welcomed by the Chancellor and treated to a Krill delicacy, a delicious cider.

The final votes are being counted and as the results come in, the Chancellor’s lead has been negated. The Council of Clerics declares Teleya the winner and the new Supreme Chancellor.

As he is reassuring the delegation that he will challenge the results and be vindicated, a group of armed Trill enters and puts him under arrest for treason.

Teleya’s militants put the delegation under arrest as well.

In the airspace above Krill, one of the Krill ships locks onto the Orville with a tractor beam. They are ordered to surrender.

Keyali is unable to contact the landing party.

Grayson prepares to shoot their way out. She tells LaMarr to execute Directive 21. He asks for confirmation and she tells him to have Dr. Finn assist him.

They get free from the tractor beam and attempt to evade the three Krill ships. Malloy pulls out some creative moves.

Once LaMarr confirms Directive 21 is ready, Grayson orders a jump to quantum.

On the planet, Teleya steps up to address the Krill. She brings out the former Chancellor and when he refuses to beg for mercy, she kills him.

In the holding cell, Halsey tries to get the guard to talk to them. Burke and Mercer discuss the possibility that the Kaylon will attack if the Union and the Krill begin an armed conflict.

Mercer is pulled out of the cell. The guards bring him to Teleya. He tries to appeal to her on the grounds that the Union and the Krill neMercer each other to fight the Kaylon. She believes the Krill military has advanced to the point that they no longer need allies.

Mercer is shocked that Teleya killed the former Chancellor. She accuses him of still believing in the persona she created in Janel Tyler. He admits that maybe he has been stupid about her.

She informs him the delegation is to be executed in the morning.

She calls the guards back in and tell them to take Mercer back to his cell. However, once outside of her chamber, the guards give him a cloak and tell him to put it on.

Teleya hails Grayson and informs her of the planned execution. She gives Grayson the chance to return home but Grayson demands the landing party be returned.

Once Teleya ends communication, Grayson orders Malloy to back them off towards the border.

Grayson contacts Admiral Perry at the Union headquarters. He is sending the full force of the Union fleet to launch a military rescue.

The guards lead Mercer through the city until they are ambushed by two other Krill and a meat-seller. These new Krill lead him back through the city to a private residence. There, they reveal a child, Anaya, the result of his relationship with Teleya.

Anaya’s caregivers want Mercer to force Teleya to acknowledge Anaya and give the peace treaty another chance. They tell Mercer that the guards they took him from had orders from Teleya to take him back to his ship. She had decided to spare his life.

Admiral Ozawa leads the Union contingent of fleet vessels. She’s prepared to attack. Mercer is escorted back to see Teleya. He tells her he’s seen Anaya. She tells him that the name means “gently falling rain” and insists she is better off hidden away.

Mercer asks why she would keep their baby if she planned to just lock her away forever. Teleya shows him the punishment on Krill for people who terminate pregnancies.

The guards take Mercer back to his cell.

In the morning, Teleya addresses the crowd and brings out the delegation. She brandishes her blade, promising justice.

The Union fleet arrive in Krill space. Grayson sends a message which is relayed to Teleya. She orders the Krill fleet to obliterate them. The battle begins.

She stabs President Alcuzan. Two Krill rush onto the platform and deploy two flash grenades that incapacitate Teleya and her guards. They rescue the delegation in the confusion.

They board a getaway vehicle and the Krill turn out to be Dr. Finn and LaMarr. Turning them into Krill is Directive 21.

After a high-speed chase, they get back to LaMarr and Finn’s shuttle and try to escape to The Orville which is in the midst of a battle with the Krill fleet.

Once the shuttle is aboard the Orville, Grayson notifies Ozawa and the Union fleet disengages and retreats.

Back on Earth, the President recovers. Halsey suggests revealing Anaya’s existence could force Teleya’s hand but Mercer is hesitant. The decision is left with him.

Mercer and Grayson discuss the situation. Grayson invites Mercer to have breakfast with her.

On Krill, Teleya watches Anaya from her chambers.


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The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

When you go home to your children, will you tell them you chose to destroy our future? Or will you tell them you have reclaimed our dreams and placed your trust in the Word of Avis, a Word which declares that Krill comes first!


I was born in a time of dreams. We were pure of spirit and devout in our beliefs. The blessings of Avis were showered upon us and brought our greatest hopes to life. But now, we face a looming nightmare. We brought this nightmare upon ourselves when we placed our faith into the hands of a false prophet.