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Two masked figures hike through the snow to a remote Union Listening Post on Sarin IV. They steal an old food simulator then run, pursued by newly arrived Kaylons. They escape in a shuttle and are revealed to by Malloy and Mercer.

They are chased by a Kaylon ship into an ice moon where they manage to evade them.

They decide to head to Kevalon to hide out but are nabbed by a scavenger ship.

When they are boarded, the scavengers turn out to be Grayson, Finn, LaMarr, and Keyali. Grayson explains that she changed the timeline seven years ago when she decided not to pursue a relationship with Mercer.

They find a Resistance camp in order to get supplies for a plan to correct the timeline. Yaphit lets them in and it turns out the Lieutenant in charge is Alara Kitan.

She provides them with the supplies but then the Kaylon arrive. Mercer's group escape to their shuttle but the freighter is being attacked in orbit. The resistance cell is destroyed.

Reunited with the freighter, they discover that the quantum drive is off-line. To escape, they hide inside the well of a nearby blackhole. 

Once the Kaylon leave, they head for Earth to recover The Orville from its crash site.

Mercer and Grayson have a dinner date in his quarters and catch up on their seven years apart.

LaMarr analyses a deactivated Kaylon and finds that they can access the mind-web the Kaylons use to communicate.

They use a shuttle to access the Orville at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. They find Bortus alive on the bridge, alone for nine months.

They raise the Orville from the ocean floor. Isaac comes up with a plan but it means they'll alert the Kaylons and be sitting ducks during that time.

The attempt to send Finn back to correct the mind wipe overloads the Orville's quantum drive and the ship explodes just as the Kaylon ships arrive on site.

Seven-years-ago Grayson wakes up, gets a cup of coffee, gets zapped into the future, reappears with the incomplete memory wipe, and then Resistance Finn appears in her living room. Finn corrects the memory wipe and by the time seven-years-ago Mercer calls for a second date, Grayson is awake and receptive to the offer.

The Orville
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The Orville Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Malloy: There's an ice moon orbiting the planet. I could take us inside, buy us time to reset the drive.
Mercer: What do you mean, 'inside'?
Malloy: Like, not outside.
Mercer: Do it.

Malloy: I thought we'd be safe here. At least for a while.
Mercer: There's no such thing as safe anymore.