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Mercer and Grayson have dinner with Keyali and Malloy and when left alone, they reminesce and consider getting together again.

Isaac and LaMarr are discussing the potential application of a device for time-travel when Grayson reminds LaMarr he needs to do a monthly inspection. A gravitational wave causes a ship-wide disruption. In the aftermath, Grayson order Isaac to Engineering but before he can leave, a blonde version of Grayson appears in the lab.

Upon examination, the newcomer is Grayson from seven years previous. Although they figure out how she got there, they don't know how to reverse it.

Past Grayson has difficulty accepting that she can't return to her time. She and Keyali become friends and Past Grayson takes her place as a lieutenant. She makes friends and decides to request a post on the Orville.

She approaches Mercer about dating because, to her, they only had their first date a few days before.

After their date, Present Grayson cautions Past Grayson about pursuing the relationship.

Two Kaylon ships are spotted on the scanner and the ship avoids them.

Malloy warns Mercer that the relationship is a bad idea.

Mercer is hesitant to become intimate with Past Grayson. The Kaylon ships are back in scanner range and Mercer is recalled to the bridge.

Past Grayson suggests a way for the Orville to escape Kaylon notice.

After the threat has passed, Past Grayson and Present Grayson make peace. LaMarr and Isaac come up with a way to send Past Grayson back to her time.

Past Grayson returns to her time but when Past Mercer calls to ask her out again, she declines another date and ends their relationship.

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The Orville Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I don't how the food synthesizers are going to replicate enough wine for two Kellys.


Mercer: So you're saying Kelly's thoughts did this?
LaMarr: I know it sounds crazy but that's quantum physics.