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We meet Nick Dalton, an elite member of The Playboy Club.

New Bunny and cigarette girl gets caught up with a mob boss, and while waiting for cigarettes, Nick Dalton witnesses her kill him in self defense.

First Bunny, Carol-Lynne, one time girl of Nick Dalton's hangs up her Bunny tail and becomes a mansion house mother.

Nick is running for State's Attorney and has mob ties. Covering the accidental killing is of utmost importance to him.

Other Bunnies are introduced along with their life in the mansion. One Bunny has a secret keeping her from marrying the Club bartender, and another Bunny and her husband are using the Club to support their special agenda.


The Playboy Club
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The Playboy Club Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I picked out the wallpaper for that bathroom, Billy, long before you were here to tell me where to tinkle.


It was a place where anything could happen to anybody. Or, any Bunny.