Janie: We love The Locomotion.
Maureen: We did a train and everything.

Doris: This feels like the dream where I am naked in front of total strangers.
Janie: Well, it's not a dream any more. It's your life.

You were the last person to see my father alive. One way or another, Maureen, you're going to tell me what you know.

John Bianchi

This is not exactly a bumper crop. Is there another word for disaster?


That's funny. You're trying to keep from being found and I hope somebody finds me.


Politics are not about who you are, it's about what you portray. Gimme a call. I think you can win.


Chicago's a great city, Maureen. Anything is possible. Especially for a beautiful young woman. But, bad things happen here, too, and Nick Dalton won't always be there to save you. A girl needs to watch her back and cover her tracks. Do you understand?


It's just that, I did something bad.
Carol-Anne" Well, we've already established that. You went home with a key holder. My key holder. But that doesn't explain the blood.


The new girl's on a roll!


John Bianchi: You are a thing of beauty.
Maureen: Actually, I'm not a thing.

Like it says on the door, if you don't swing, don't ring.


Smart. Who needs smart? You're the only man I know who puts his hand up a girl's skirt looking for a dictionary.


The Playboy Club Quotes

I picked out the wallpaper for that bathroom, Billy, long before you were here to tell me where to tinkle.


It was a place where anything could happen to anybody. Or, any Bunny.