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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 4, Kandi and Todd discuss the future of Kandi Koated Entertainment. When they confront her employees about their poor work ethic, Don Juan, her right hand man, takes personal offense. Since he's given up so much in his personal life, he doesn't think the reprimand should be about him.

Todd tells him that the point of the discussion was to show Don Juan that he needs a team to whom he can delegate and doesn't need to feel personally responsible for doing everything.

Kandi takes Phaedra to the spa for the day and they're joined by NeNe and Porsha. NeNe lets it spill that she doesn't believe Apollo's confession. She thinks he only said he was lying to hurt Phaedra and not to clear Kenya's name and his own conscience. 

Apollo tells Peter he misses the old days with Phaedra and how things were right after he got out of jail the previous time. He seems not to notice the fact that things are drastically different this time. Peter tells him to spend time with his sons.

Claudia and Porsha go to lunch to talk about their working relationship. Claudia senses tension and believes it's because she's friends with Kenya. When Kenya comes up, Porsha changes the subject.

Kandi attends a kickboxing class with Kenya and apologizes for two years spent not believing Kenya was telling the truth. When Kandi tells Kenya what they other girls have been saying, Kenya breaks down crying.

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