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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11, the drama continues between Claudia and NeNe. After insulting NeNe's hair, fashion choices, and her fashion line, Claudia, Kenya, Cynthia, and Demetria excuse themselves from dinner to go pow wow about what went down.

NeNe, Phaedra, Kandi, and Porsha sit around the table and continue to discuss Claudia and the insults NeNe threw at her, namely that Claudia slept her way to the top. None of the other women chime in about whether or not they believe that rumor. NeNe takes the opportunity to tell Phaedra that she really did throw shade at Demetria at the recording studio.

Kandi decides that the only way to have any sort of peace while in Puerto Rico is to keep the two groups separate for the remainder of the trip. Except for when she throws a Bedroom Kandi Beach Bash which, as is typical with Kandi's parties, happens without a hitch. No drama, just laughter. 

The groups of women spend their days shopping, dining around Puerto Rico, hanging out by the pool or on the beach, and gossiping about women in the other group. 

In the limo on the way to Demetria's performance, the sole reason for their being in Puerto Rico in the first place, NeNe announces that she's headed to Broadway to appear in Cinderella. Cynthia congratulates her and then Claudia chimes in that she feels that NeNe tried to take her accolades away. NeNe apologizes to Claudia for that, saying that if she did that it was unintentional, and then Claudia brings up the fact that NeNe called her a whore. NeNe apologizes for calling Claudia a whore. People are shocked that NeNe has apologized not once, but twice.

Claudia sinks her claws into Porsha regarding the married African man she's dating who keeps buying her cars, handbags, and shoes. The women finally arrive at Demetria's performance and they are 20 minutes late.

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