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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 12, Cynthia burns her friendship contract with NeNe after recounting for Peter and Mal the drama that went down in Puerto Rico. NeNe tells Gregg about the insult hurling match she had with Claudia and that she apologized for the things she said and Gregg says he's proud of her for being the bigger person. 

Cynthia plans a road trip for some of the girls to celebrate the opening of Peter's newest bar venture: Sports One in Charlotte, North Carolina. It takes her two assistants to choose two dresses to take with her for the opening, neither of which she ends up wearing. She, Kenya, and Claudia head to Charlotte and a three-hour drive turns into 4.5 thanks to the many stops for food they make along the way. 

They're late to the opening and Peter isn't happy about it. Cynthia leaves their hotel without Kenya and Claudia so she can get there to support Peter. The other girls come in a little later and whom do they meet but Peter's business partner Kordell Stewart. 

Kordell and Claudia first met about 15 years ago and while they reminisce and catch up, Kenya plays matchmaker, telling them they look great together and that they should definitely go out on a date. Kordell seems into the idea and so does Claudia so they exchange numbers. 

Claudia is apprehensive about dating the ex-husband of a co-worker, but there's little doubt (for the audience) that Kenya's suggestion that they date is both so that they can find some happiness together and also so that she can see Porsha seethe.

Kandi and Todd continue trying to expand their family by visiting Dr. Jackie, Kandi's OB/GYN. Todd gets good news from his testing and they get more serious about making a baby.

Apollo and Phaedra get his report date for prison.

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