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Phaedra takes the kids to the dentist, Apollo comes along. Both Phaedra and Apollo wonder how they will explain to Aidan that Apollo is going to prison. 

Cynthia is asked by Ebony magazine to be in their Sexy At Any Age photo shoot. Peter wants to throw a party to celebrate. She decides not to invite Porsha or NeNe.

Kandi plans to buy her mother a house down the street from where she lives. It's 7 bedrooms with a swimming pool and a basketball court.

Todd's mother, Sharon is upset because Mama Joyce said Todd was raised by a pimp and prostitute on camera. Mama wants an apology because Sharon called her a bitch. 

Kenya and her friend Brandon compose a song about the hair pulling incident. 

NeNe prepares for opening night for Cirque du Soleil. 

Kenya brings her girlfriend Claudia to Cynthia's party. Claudia just moved to Atlanta. Kandi starts trouble by telling Kenya she deserved Porsha's smackdown at the reunion and that she shouldn't have called the police. 

Apollo insists on speaking to Kenya before she leaves the party. He apologizes for telling Phaedra that Kenya offered him felatio. He admits he lied about their tryst in LA but he hasn't told Phaedra. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
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