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  • Irving walks through the possibility that Nadine's kid is Devon's, and he freaks out about how ill-prepared he would be for that. Irving encourages him to go talk to her.
  • Bell brings Kit with him to Jake's house for dinner and it starts off well.
  • AJ and Mina have a date with Conrad and Nic as they all have dinner with AJ's parents. Mina and the others fret over her immigration status.
  • Rose and Cain apologize to each other while they're in their PT. Rose collapses and Cain calls for transport. 
  • Conrad checks out her and says she may need to be tested for Acute Chest issues. He and Hundley try to dismiss Cain, but he offers to stay, and Cain wants to. Conrad notices, especially when Rose says she doesn't have any family.
  • Conrad takes on another pregnant patient named Tina, and he's doing it on purpose to keep Nic away from them just in case. 
  • Tina is Jake and Greg's surrogate. They along with Bell rush in to see her and make sure she's OK. They don't want the baby to come too early. TIna isn't having contractions or in labor though.
  • Devon sees Nadine at the hospital. They check in and she tells him that Azad isn't his and that she got married and hoped that he found someone too.
  • Devon and Irving treat a matchmaker named Myra who sets up marriages between Indian-Americans in Atlanta. Irving thinks it's the perfect opportunity to set Devon up.
  • Tina has an infected gallbladder and needs surgery, but it would put the baby at risk.
  • Jake and Greg vow to be there for Tina no matter what she decides.
  • Devon wants to know where Irving and Jessica are eloping.
  • They have to rush Tina into surgery and Bell is doing it.
  • Cain stays with Rose and tells her that he knows firsthand about Sickle Cell because of his friend who passed away from medical school. She reminds him of him.
  • Tina isn't doing well and they have to get the baby out immdiately Neither of them are breathing or doing well.But they're both saved and live.
  • Jessica butts in when Myra tries to get a profile for Devon. 
  • Bell is excited about being a grandfather.
  • Mina tells Nic to prepare for the worst because she may have to return to Nigeria voluntairly if she ever hopes to return again. 
  • Rose needs a big surgery, but she can't have any more tranfusions. It's risky but Conrad wants AJ to do it anyway. 
  • Tina's parents are coming, and they thought her baby was going to a "traditional" family. Their values don't approve of homosexuality, and Bell tells them the truth anyway.
  • Devon talks to Nadine about arranged marriages in the modern day age, and he agrees to let Myra set  him up. 
  • Irving and Jessica get married at the aquarium. 
  • Bell defends Jake and Greg. It doesn't matter. They don't get the baby. 
  • Mina tells AJ that she's going to Nigeria to help her mother and it's the answer to everything. He says he'll go with her.
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Rose: I was rough on you yesterday. I'm sorry.
Cain: I could've been less rough.

Irving: It seems you, Pravesh, could be a father.
Devon: There's no way that baby is my son. Nadine would've told me.
Irving: You sure? Nadine did say she had a surprise, that's the definition of a surprise.