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One Year Ago... Rowan lies to Tommy about needing to see her sick sister, and leaves Chloe with him at the police station. Rowan has a vision of Simon before attempting suicide. Tommy calls the sister and realizes what Rowan plans to do. Tommy finds Rowan passed out.

Present Day... Rowan is ready to leave Simon behind and focus on her wedding with Tommy. Rowan breaks up with her therapist and leaves all her prescription meds on his desk. Rowan finds out Simon went to see Chloe. Chloe tells her Simon is coming that night to come get them. Simon shows up that evening, and Rowan tells him that he killed himself. He made his choice. Tommy points his gun at Simon and tells him to back away from Rowan. Simon doesn't listen and is shot by Tommy. He collapses on the floor bleeding. 

Lena wakes up to find Adam gone. She goes walking around the house and finds Lucy's necklace. When Tony arrives, Lena runs out to tell him what she found. Tony ties Lena up for fear of her telling anyone about Adam. When Adam returns, he promises Tony he doesn't want to hurt Lena. Adam lets her go, and she promises she won't tell anyone about him. She runs through the woods and eventually comes across a truck. 

Ben and his friends dig up Camille's grave. When they open the coffin, there's no body, only water. They are spotted and brought to the police station. Tommy questions them, and they reveal why they were looking. They think Camille has come back. Tommy goes to Claire's house and asks that they bring "Alice" to the station. Claire and Peter know that Tommy knows the truth about Camille. Claire and Peter decide to reveal Camille's identity before things get out of hand. Jack comes to the house to discover the entire bus crash support group in the living room. Peter brings out Camille to everyone's shock. They don't take her return well. Some are mad that she's back but their child isn't. After she hides in her room, Peter convinces Camille to do the parents a kindness and lie to them about their children. Camille makes up stories about feeling their presence in the afterlife. 

Helen tags along on a tour of the dam. She and the tour guide eventually grab drinks. She asks how one would destroy the dam, and he tells her. 

Nikki and Julie reconcile. Victor acts strangely and spies on them. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Peter: Don't be selfish.
Camille: What?
Peter: You came back. Do you know how lucky you are to get a second chance at life? And what are you doing with it? Nothing, except feeling sorry for yourself.

Simon: You should never have been a mother. Chloe deserves better. So does Tommy. You're just dragging them down. You're gonna ruin both their lives.
Rowan: You're not real. You're just in my head.
Simon: You're just like me, Rowan. That's why we belong together.