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One Year Ago... Lucy arrives in town and gets a job at the Dog Star. She meets Jack, and they have sex. As they are having sex, Lucy starts talking on behalf of Camille. Lucy tells Jack that she gets visions or hears things when she has sex. He freaks out and leaves.

Present Day... Lucy flat lines in the hospital. A few moments after the doctor calls time of death, she wakes up startling everyone in the room. The doctors tell her that she had been attacked. When they take off the bandage on her stomach to reveal her wounds, they are gone. Lucy and everyone look confused. Later, Lucy is questioned by Tommy regarding what she remembers. He shows her a picture of Simon. She remembers meeting him, but nothing more. When they leave the room, Lucy hears a voices whispering. Outside the room, the doctor tells Tommy he's never seen anything like this. Later at the hospital. Lucy hears more voices before Jack comes in. She apologizes for lying to him all those times about Camille and her gift. She tells him that after she woke up, she's now really hearing voices. She speaks to him on behalf of his father.

Jack and Claire worry about Lena's whereabouts. Camille tells them not to worry. She explains to them how they can feel each other even when not together. She tells them about the day of the accident and how she could feel Lena having sex with Ben. Claire begins to act suspicious of Camille. When Camille leaves, Claire tells Jack that maybe Lena was right and Camille's not who she use to be. Claire goes to one of Lena's friend's apartment. She tells Claire she doesn't know where Lena could be. She also tells Claire about Lena's reputation for being with a lot of men. Lena calls Claire telling her she's okay, but she's not coming back. Claire tries to apologize for not being there for her, but Lena hangs up. Jack comes in and they get into an argument about how things have been.

Lena wakes up at Adam's house. She asks him for something to help with the pain. Adam puts medicinal herbs on Lena's wound. Lena tells him she deserves what's happening to her. He says he was bad too, but maybe it's not to late to change. After her phone call with Claire, Lena puts on one of Adam's mom's dresses. Tony arrives home, and Adam tells her to wait inside. Outside, Tony notices someone is inside. Adam tells him their mother has returned and doesn't want to see him. After Tony leaves, Adam goes back inside where Lena looks nervous. She tells him she knows Tony's brother died. She asks him when he came back. He says a few days. He says he didn't die from an illness, and that he was a bad person. Lena doesn't think he's a bad person. They kiss and take off their clothes. Jack shows up at the Dog Star where Tony is drinking. He asks Tony if he saw Lena leave with anyone the night before. He says no.

Camille asks Ben to come over. When he does, she kisses him. He asks her who she really is. When she confirms she's Camille, Ben freaks out and leaves. 

Nikki brings Julie to the police station where they picked up Helen. Julie recognizes Helen as George's wife. Helen tells her about the flood and Victor's death. Julie tells Nikki that maybe this isn't all crazy. She thinks she may have died and come back too. Later that night. Julie stands on the edge of her apartment rooftop. Just as she's about to jump off, Victor comes back. She asks him why he came to her. She asks if it's because she's like him. He shakes his head no. He says she's the fairy who's supposed to protect him.  

Outside town, Peter drives Victor to a graveyard. He tells Victor about his friend, Richard; the one who shot him. Richard died of cancer. Peter tells Victor how he's spent all these years trying to be a good person. A vision of Richard appears, who holds a gun up to Peter's head. He pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. He disappears. Later, Claire shows up at Peter's cabin. They talk and begin to have sex. 


The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Adam: What happened?
Lena: I did something unforgivable too. I think that's why this is happening to me. I should be dead.
Adam: Me too. But we're not, we're here. Maybe it's not too late to be different.

What if Lena's right? What if Camille isn't who she used to be?