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Five Years Ago... Claire had already started seeing Peter while she was still married to Jack, and Camille was still alive.

Present Day... Lena returns home. Rowan and Tommy give a fake statement to the police explaining killing Simon. Nikki goes to Julie to tell her about Victor's true identity. She also tells her about a woman, Lauren, 4 years prior who had the same type of encounter with a young boy. She was killed on the bus.

Four Years Ago... Lauren drops Victor off by the side of the road telling him he needs to go back wherever he cam from. Three days later, Lauren sees Victor stand in the middle of the road as the bus crashes.

Present Day... Victor hears Nikki put doubt into Julie's head about him. Julie promises Victor she isn't going anywhere. Lena lies to everyone and blames Tony for her disappearance. She doesn't mention Adam. Jack is furious and goes to Tony's house. Adam gets away before he's seen. Jack beats Tony until Peter knocks him out. The police show up. Camille and Lena make up. Tommy says he never shot anyone until Simon. Rowan tells him he did the right thing. They reminisce about their first date and make love. 

Nikki and Tommy interrogate Tony. Tony claims he's the one who hurt all those women. Nikki calls Julie and tells her to come to the station. Camille and Claire go to the home of the Koretskys, parents of one of the kids on the bus. When they go inside, they find the couple dead. They hung themselves next to a shrine of their son. At the police station, Julie leaves Victor with Loretta at the front desk. Adam returns to the house to find police tape up. 

Claire, Peter, and Jack discuss the suicide. Claire didn't call the police because of Camille. Peter argues with Jack and is told to leave by Claire. Outside, Peter tells Jack that he began seeing Claire before Camille died after Jack accuses him of taking advantage of Claire's grief. Lena comforts Camille who thinks it's her fault the parents killed themselves. Adam arrives at the police station, and Victor sneaks passed the office and heads into the viewing room for the interrogation room where Tony is being held. Victor makes the lights flicker. All of a sudden, Tony sees his mom in the room. She tells him he knows what he needs to do. Back at the main desk, Adam is frustrated that he can't speak directly with a cop. Julie stands next to him and asks Loretta where Victor is.

Julie and Nikki run into the viewing room where Victor is watching Tony beat his head against the desk over and over again. Tommy and another officer come in to stop Tony. Tony manages to grab one of their guns and shoots himself in the head after hearing his mother say he needs to make it right. Adam hears the gunshot and leaves. Julie looks down at Victor who is smiling. Chloe returns home from her sleepover and asks Rowan where Simon is. She says he went back to heaven because he doesn't belong here. She tries to tell her that her father is Tommy. She gets upset and yells for her real dad. Simon wakes up in the morgue. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Tommy: I never shot anyone before.
Rowan: Simon chose to die years ago. He would've never left us alone. You did the right thing.

Camille: Why do you think it's going away now?
Lena: Maybe because I realized you're really back. It's not too late to be different.