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Seven years ago... Julie runs into Nikki during a festival. They kiss. Later on, Julie is attacked and stabbed when walking alone. 

Present day... At a funeral for George Goddard is taking place. Pastor Leon mentions how George's wife, Helen, died years earlier when the dam broke and flooded a part of the town. No one sees Helen standing in the distance watching. Lena and Claire tell Peter that Lena met a guy they think also returned from the dead. Julie learns of Lucy's attack from Nikki. She excuses herself and starts freaking out. Meanwhile, a strange man walks out of the woods and goes to a house calling out for his mother. He breaks into the house.

Jack and Camille talk over some cigarettes. He tells her about his and Claire's separation. Jack tells Camille how devastated Lena was when she died. Camille goes to Lena's room to talk. She asks about Ben, and if Lena and him have ever slept together. Lena evades the question. Camille sees a mysterious scar on Lena's back. Lena looks worried when she sees it. Peter stops by the police to inquire about Simon. He offers to bring him to the community center. In the car, Simon asks about Rowan. Peter says he knows her fiancé got hit by a car and died. He tells Simon he's not the only who's back. He mentions Camille, but he also says he knew someone a long time ago who came back too. Simon gets out of the car.

Jack and Claire discuss moving away so Camille won't have to hide. Nikki goes to Julie's apartment, but Julie won't let her in. Nikki tells Julie to be careful due to the recent attack. We learn that Nikki stayed away after Julie's attack because Julie asked her to. Annie, Julie's neighbor, spies on them through the door peephole. Camille asks Claire if they can go to a mall in another town where they won't run into anyone. At school, Lena looks at the scar again on her back. It hurts when she touches it. Tony goes home to find someone broke in and hung a dead wolf inside.

At the police station, Tommy looks at surveillance footage from inside his and Rowan's home. He's apparently put up hidden cameras in each room. He finds out Simon was released and goes to see Peter. He tells Peter that if he sees Simon to call him personally. Tony is about to bury the wolf when the strange man comes up behind him asking him what he's doing with his wolf. Tony freaks out and hits the man over the head with his shovel. He runs inside. The man wakes up and bangs on the door demanding to know why Tony just did that to him. Tony opens the door when he thinks the man is gone. The man comes up behind him and hits Tony with the shovel. When he wakes up, the man asks about their mother while pointing a gun at Tony. This man is Tony's brother. Tony tells him that their mother has been dead for two years. His brother asks why he doesn't remember. Tony tells him it's because he was with her. 

At the mall, Claire runs into Chris, a mother who lost her daughter Bethany in the bus crash. Camille comes out of the dressing room and introduces herself as Alice, Lena's cousin. Simon shows up at the library. He tells Rowan he's leaving. She brings him o see their daughter playing soccer. When Rowan returns home, Lena shows up asking about Simon. Rowan realizes she wasn't imagining Simon. Simon goes to see Peter asking if he can stay at the center. Annie accuses Julie of harboring Victor illegally. They argue. Jack and Claire talk again about moving. Claire wants them to stay. Jack tells her they have a chance to be a family again. They kiss. 

Camille sneaks out to go to the bar. Outside she finds Ben. She introduces herself as Alice again. He looks at her stunned. When they go inside, Lena tells her to go home. When Camille leaves, Lena runs into the bathroom with Ben following. She kisses him. When he takes off her shirt, he sees her scar, which has grown and looks more like a wound. Lena freaks out and leaves. Rowan finds Simon standing outside her home. She goes out and kisses him. Meanwhile, Tommy is watching them kiss on his computer via the hidden camera. Julie tells Victor she's going to run out to get some food. Once she leaves, Victor goes over to Annie's apartment. She invites him inside, and shuts the door. 

The Returned
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The Returned Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Camille: Can I have a cigarette? What, you're afraid I'll get cancer?
Jack: Do not tell your mother.

Someone has to babysit the miracle.