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Five years prior, Garza is working in FBI intelligence in Panama in association with other intelligence agencies when Russians ambush them in a safe house.
His work and romantic partner -- Camila-- is killed in the ambush.
Garza remembers these events and receives a phone call to go to Washington, D.C. He is arrested on charges of espionage.
He calls Simone, who calls the team.
The team decides to split, assuming they are also under investigation by a counter-intelligence agency that has swarmed the FBI building.
Garza is questioned about his counter-intelligence mission in Panama.
Tracy is being kept in the loop by the team that arrested Garza.
Simone and Carter arrive and are led to be interrogated. Tracy questions Simone.
Brendon and Laura set up shop in the LAPD to try and help Garza out of the trouble he's in.
Laura calls Mark Atlas to ask for a favor. Mark flirts with her but agrees to look into what evidence D.C has for arresting Garza.
Laura and Brendon find that Garza was caught with a lot of money in D.C. They tell Carter and Simone what they've discovered.
Elena tells them of certain evidence that might help exonerate Garza.
Simone creates a distraction to get into Garza's office, which is being guarded by a security team.
Brendon and Laura learn from Garza's evidence that Adam Link might have been a spy in Panama. They have Mark Atlas help them get a warrant to search his house for any evidence to support their claim.
Laura takes the opportunity to teach Brendon about respecting the boundaries of a warrant.
As Brendon and Laura search Link's house, Simone, Carter, and Elena learn it's not Link under custody.
Link finds them in his house, and after asking him questions, they realize that he might not be the spy. He claims that he thinks Garza is the spy.
Simone gets the idea to get Link and Garza to talk so they can figure out who the spy is. She calls a favor with Cate, who is the co-pilot in the jet, to connect them with Garza.
The team learns that Brady -- a top US official-- was the mole and had been the Russians classified intelligence for decades.
They use Rice to capture him red-handed. Garza is cleared of all charges.
When the team asks why Garza called Simone, he says it's because she was at the top of his recent calls, but to Simone, he reveals that he needed her specifically.
Garza visits Camila's grave and passes out while there.
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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Elena: Will my tio be okay?
Carter: It's too soon to tell. [to Simone] She deserves honesty, not platitudes.

Laura: We have a sneak and peek warrant, which means what?
Brendon: Really? Pop quiz? Now?