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  • Lucy: I already told you that kiss didn't mean anything. Tamara: Right, Right. It was for the case. Make out. Stop crime. That totally tracks.
  • Angela: Timothy, do you have feelings for Lucy?
  • Rosalind: Do you think I'm a monster, Deputy Suriel. Suriel: It's not my job to decide. Do you think you're a monster? Rosalind: No. I think I'm a genius. I just had to the misfortune of excelling in mutilation instead of music.
  • Harper: What can I do? Grey: You sure?  You're like eleventy months preganant.
  • Tim: I guess this is it. Tomorrow we are back to being us. Lucy: Right. And eeerything that hapepned undercover we will leave behind. Tim: Right. What happened undercover stays undercover. Lucy: You know, in a sense, since we haven't been debriefed we're still undercover. Tim: Yeah, I guess you're right. Lucy: Do you want to come in. Tim: I-I shouldn't.
  • Bradford: Do you want to talk about it? Lucy: What? Bradford: The airplane bathroom. Your apartment, I mean, call me crazy, but it doesn't feel like pretend. Lucy: It's an intimate act, I mean, we'd have to be dead inside for it to not trigger something, right? It's basica biology. Bradford: OK, so you're saying it's not a big deal. IT doesn't mean anything. Lucy: Right?
  • Beth: I'm not crazy, I'm special. Rosalind told me that.
  • Thorsen: I can get a private jet there in 45 minutes. Also, what kind of caviar do you guys like? i'll just get an assortment.
  • Rosalind is getting transferred out of prison for her trial and has Suriel doing the transferring.
  • Bailey makes Nolan a cake (in 20 minutes) to cheer him up.
  • Lucy dreams about the kiss with Tim.
  • Tamara checks in on her because it's Rosalind's trial date. She makes fun of Lucy about that kiss.
  • Tim talks to Angela about it on his way into work. She asks him if he has feelings for Lucy and he doesn't affirm or deny
  • The chief extends Nolan the Golden ticket so he can have anything he desires because of the Mexico thing.
  • Everyone has suggestions about where he can go.
  • tim gets a call about the gig, but he and Lucy are concerned that the person their suspect hired can blow their cover.
  • there is an elaborate plan to put into place to keep Rosalind from escaping.
  • Angela and Thorsen make sure Davion is out of commission.
  • They're asked to go to an airstrip and they'll be flying somewhere.
  • Thorsen arranges for them to get a private jet so they can have control, eyes, and backup.
  • Rosalind taunts Nolan when she sees him. She taunts him about Bailey and talks about how other people she follows on social media in hopes of getting under his skin.
  • The plane is headed to Vegas.
  • Wesley is at the courthouse for his final case before he works for the DA. He chats with Beth, Rosalind's lawyer. BEth wants Rosalind to change before court.
  • Beth, the lawyer, stabs Suriel in the head when she's uncuffing Rosalind. A bomb threat is called in and Nolan realizes that there's an escape.
  • Rosalind and Beth are booking it to escape the courthouse. They're trying to evacuate the building.
  • Beth was the decoy dressed as the deputy. Rosalind is the one who escaped.
  • Bradford and Lucy find out what the job is about, they're helping them take out some competition in the cartel game.
  • Harper shows up after hearing about the escape, still super pregnant, wanting to help.
  • Harper and nolan interview Beth who carves Rosalind's nam ein her arm and says that people are going to die. Roslaind shows up at Beth's mother's house.
  • Lucy and tim find out about Rosalind escaping and Tim gets her into the bathroom so that Lucy can react. He tries to tell her to get her head in the game.
  • Bradford wants to pull the plug when they land and Lucy doesn't want him to. She convinces him that she's fine.
  • Lucy kisses him for the cover and disheveled look and they head out.
  • Someone recognizes Dim and Lucy handlles the situation. They go sit at th craps table with Angela and Thorsen.
  • They inform them about Madras being the target and how they won't learn anything until the morning.
  • Angela updates them about Rosalind and offers to pull the plug on the whole thing if Lucy's head isn't in it.
  • Nolan and the others figure out that Rosalind is killing Beth's parents fo rher and that's what she gets out of it.
  • SWAT hits up Rosalind's parents house, but they're already dead. Rosalind left them a video of when she killed them,
  • Lucy tries to get more updates on Rosalind and Bradford notices that she's spiraling. He compliments her about how well she does undercover as they settle into the room for th enight.
  • Bradford catches a glimpse of Lucy undressing as she heads into the shower.
  • Bradford wants to talk to Lucy about whatever is happening between them and flat out says it feels like it means something, but Lucy hesitantly says it doesn't.
  • The woman who recognized "Jake" knocks on the door to talk to him while Lucy is in the bathroom blowdrying her hair. It's a setup. She told the guys that Bradford isn't Jake, blowing his cover.
  • Lucy takes out the guy who came in to get her and the other two when she comes out.
  • The DA is blaming himself for Rosalind escaping. He tells chris to apologize to her on his behalf. Chris leaves and calls to leave Lucy a message. The police escort he gets in the car with is really Rosalind.
  • Nolan decides to be a training officer.
  • They think Roslind is lying low so everyone starts going home.
  • Bradford walks Lucy to her apartment door. They say they can get back to normal now that they're no longer undercover, but Lucy reminds them that technically they aren't undercover until they debrief and invites him in. Tim is shocked and says he probably shouldn't, but he's too tempted and goes inside after her. She offers him a drink that he declines, but as she walks further into the hosue, she sees that Chris is on the couch with his wrists slashed and still has a pulse. A gift from Rosalind.
  • Rosalind calls Nolan while he's at breakfast with  Bailey and tells him to check on Lucy.
The Rookie
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The Rookie Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Timothy, do you have feelings for Lucy?


Lucy: I already told you that kiss didn't mean anything.
Tamara: Right, Right. It was for the case. Make out. Stop crime. That totally tracks.