A New Secret - The Sinner
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Cora has a nightmare that her son is calling for her, walking out into the street with his blanket.

Ambrose and Fay are hiking up to a hillside. They walk the whole way up, look around and begin their descent. He's sweating like a bear.

Cora's mental evaluations begin.

Cora has yet another version of herself that she sees when she recalls her childhood.

Ambrose goes to see Cora's parents who not only say Cora "ran away" at the age of 23, but blame her for Phoebe's death.

In jail, Cora has a nightmare about a whore saying to give her another hit, it will loosen her up and someone standing on a woman's chest until it cracks. Cora wakes up screaming bloody murder.

Ambrose asks her about what happened and to see the scars on her arms. Heroin.

He tells her about meeting her parents. She says heroin started five years ago. She slept with guys for fixes. It didn't really matter who.

Mason thinks it's from a hospital infection she got when she was young. Ambrose can't promise it. It's the only thing she wants to keep a secret. She looks deeply into Ambrose's eyes and says she hates him.

Aunt Margaret has even more startling news for Ambrose. Five years ago in 2012 Cora was lost to everyone.

Mason visits Cora, but he's not with Lane. He learned about her drug use and can't shake the lies. He wants her to talk to him, but she's not doing it. Fear ruled her life, and she's still living in it.

When they were young, Phoebe got to see things in the hospital Cora didn't. Her sister didn't understand how things were for her sister.

Cora discovers she might get parole in 30 years. Suddenly she might want to plead not-guilty.

Ambrose gets very annoyed when a couple is over for dinner and begins spewing garbage about Cora and "those people" as if they know what's happening.

When they're ready to crawl into bed, the subject of Cora comes up just before they're ready to have sex. Fay smiles the whole way through and it seems like it goes very well.

They snuggle and a milestone seems to have been passed.

Phoebe wonders why Cora doesn't lie to their mother instead of letting her treat her that way. Cora has giant rug burns on her knees. They're so bad it seems iffy that her parents aren't the ones who made her do heroin.

Together, the sisters take crackers and wine, performing communio in their bedroom.

Cora was ready to submit a plea of not-guilty until she saw her parents in the courtroom.

To punish himself, Ambrose goes to the hooker and she probably puts a hair clamp onto this balls squeezing really hard.

Ambrose gets word on where Cora was once found in the street beside a dumpster. A homeless man nearby has wounds similar to Cora's scars.

Ambrose tries to get Cora to show her how she shot up, but she can't do it. She remembers nothing about the time she was missing, or relatively nothing.

When she starts digging, she finally recalls a dude in hospital greens with a ski mask on his head. Probably Frankie.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Doctor: And what would you say to your 13-year-old self now if you had the chance?
Cora: Run.

Margaret: It was easier when she lived with me.
Ambrose: When was that?
Margaret: When she came back.
Ambrose: From?
Margaret: She disappeared in July of 2012. But she turned up two months later at a detox center in Poughkeepsie.