Hidden Memories - The Sinner
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Mason got himself into trouble by confronting JD. The girl at the station had to admit she told Mason information he shouldn't have heard.

Cora and her sister watched porn on the laptop at night. That's when Cora learned her father was having an affair with the neighbor.

Cora begins remembering the night of July 3rd. She was with JD Lambert. They drove to someone's house. She had sex with someone. Then she remembers being in the street two months later.

Ambrose is still fighting for Cora and to get her memories back.

Ambrose doesn't have the best memories of his own. He takes his wife to a lovely restaurant and she recalls the last time they were there they had just lost a baby.

The doctor submerges Cora into water to get her to remember.

The first thing she remembers is her feet being stuck in mud and being unable to move.

Then she remembers being a happy time. Kissing JD. He tastes like gasoline. Oh, his ex is there. Then she's a little girl and the bus passes her by.

Then Cora remembers Maddie was there. JD's ex. She is very strange.

From what Cora says, Ambrose narrows down a destination where Cora might have been that night.

While Ambrose is pounding in the woods, Mason is at JD's place to get some blow. Maybe three, if they got it. Unfortunately, JD's wife texts him, and things get hairy. There was another woman in the back yard.

Ambrose is with a woman who became involved with Maddie. And JD. They became involved with her because they said polyamory was their thing. Apparently, they fleeced the woman. It happened during 2012, fourth of July weekend. Her stuff was taken and Maddie was just gone.

Cora did things with her neighbor for her sister. She goes home and lies to Phoebe, telling her she had orgasms.

When Ambrose wants to sit in on Cora's next session, she wants to know why he cares so much. He says because he knows that swamp she feels like she's stuck in.

Maddie is dancing with her. They're going somewhere, but Maddie is already in the truck.

Maddie and Cora are in the woods. There is a search light. They're being hunted because of what they did. There's the school bus again.

They're at a house. She follows Maddie into the basement. She hears that song. It wasn't Cora who had her chest crushed, it was Cora crushing Maddie's chest.

That's where the masked man was.

Ambrose takes him wife on a hike and she thinks they're just having a nice day. Ambrose finds the bus and what appears to be a body.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You screwed me in the photo lab and then you wouldn't look at me in public. So no, that wasn't fun.


Cora: I had two orgasms.
Phoebe [squeals]: Tell me everything.