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Mason recalls the first time thier boy slept through the night.

Outside his house news organizations are milling around. On the news is the report of the body Ambrose unearthed.

The bones are of a young female, teenage or young adult. She's been there three or four years.

In prison, Cora watches the news and remembers living at home. Phoebe is dreaming of living Naples, Florida in a condo right across from the beach. It costs $950. Cora hopes they can find someplace cheaper. Phoebe has also found another potential online match for Cora. Their mother enters. It's time to draw a bath.

Cora is wondering what is going on, and when Ambrose arrives, he does so with Captain Farmer, a woman from the NY Police. She's in charge on the new investigation. She wants to know how Cora led Ambrose directly to the body. Cora doesn't know what to say.

Farmer is going to take the investigation on a completely different tragectory.

On her date with the fellow Phoebe picked out, she steals money from the poor guy.

Ambrose kicks around the woods where the body was found and sees it's close to a private hunting club. He's going to need member access going back about 10 years. She doesn't think much of that, but she'll try.

The "wallpaper" Cora has been describing is in a room into which Ambrose wanders.

There is another offer on the table. Cora is offered 20 years if she confesses to the second murder, down 10 years.

Caitlin does research into the Beverwyck club and when they began accepting Jews and blacks.

Farmer doesn't like the way Ambrose has been doing business.

One of Cora's fellow inmates asks her to join a prayer session. Cora does.

It kicks off memories that includes, sex, drugs, and hospital gowns.

A woman sued the Beverwyck club because she had a drink while working there once, blacked out, woke up the next day naked in the Walmart parking lot naked in the passenger seat of her own car. They fired her the next week.

Farmer didn't bother waiting to move on JD as Ambrose suggested, and their chance at him is probably gone. She doesn't care. She also thinks he's only interested in Cora because of how she looks.

Cora calls Ambrose at night for news and just to chat. Despite knowing Farmer will listen to their conversation, they talked until she was out of minutes.

JD beats Mason's dad with a pipe.

Cora met JD while out looking for one of Phoebe's "dates." Cora and him met and he found her beautiful and fascinating. He was her first. When she got him, Phoebe was in pieces because she thought Cora was dead.

While Farmer interrogates Cora, using what little she knows about Cora to coerse a confession out of her about Maddie, Ambrose is trying to solve the case by searching about Beverwyck.

Farmer decides to procede based on Cora's DNA on the blanket that surrounded Maddie instead of wondering why else she could have been there.

Mason is walking toward JD's house with a gun, set on revenge.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Phoebe: See the ring? He's married, that's why he wants to meet up somewhere discreet. Thousand bucks just to meet up no strings attached.
Cora: He looks creepy.
Phoebe: So? Get some money up front. If you don't like him, walk away. And, if you do like him, we got ourselves a sugar daddy. Cora. Cora, come on, please? We're so close. I can't take it here much longer.

Cora: I didn't kill anybody.
Captain Farmer: Elts. You didn't kill anybody elts.