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The opening of The Sinner is too similar to Orphan Black. I caught it the other day in a repeat viewing and wondered when Orphan Black began airing on USA.

Harry and Heather are on the case. They double team Vera to get her story.

She says Adam and Bess (oops) live on her property and often take care of Julian while she's working. They're lovely people, but absent-minded. They forgot Julian's bag and decided to get some things for him when they got to Niagra Falls.

At the foster home, Julian is watching the washing machine in amazement.

When Vera tells them where she lives, Heather gets an odd look on her face. She knows exactly where Vera lives.

When Harry starts asking about Julian's issues with anxiety or similar problems, Vera gets upset. She says he's 13 and couldn't have done what they suspect when she's shown the photos of the bodies. After she lies about his suffering from such issues, she wants to see her son.

Afterward, Harry wants to know why her home location threw Heather. The only place on Osborne Road is a wannabe utopian community.

When Vera and Julian reunite, he falls into her arms sobbing. Very whispers in Julian's ears, but it's easy to hear. She said something similar to we'll put you back on the drug or we won't put you back on that drug.

the duo talks to Julian again and this time he lies. He won't talk to them about the drugs.

Harry wonders why Julian would do something like this. Vera says Julian is so far beyond what he thinks he has no idea.

Harry wants to go into Mosswood, but the police chief will not allow it. He says the place wants to be left alone and so does the town.

Jack and Heather have a whole bunch of stories of kids who went missing with Mosswood as their background. One went inside and returned but hung himself right after. Heather even had a good friend she never saw again. Jack is worried about her getting involved again.

Heather had a girlfriend when she was younger who had a boyfriend. When they watched Mosswood one night after sunset, Heather suggested they break onto the place.

Harry questions Julian about an average day on the commune. He says there is no such thing. They wake up when the sun rises. He's like a kid from another planet. Everyone out here is an outsider. They promise you things before they even know you. His mother can read minds, he says, and she told him all about Harry.

When Harry asks if she told him to change his story, Julian decides he doesn't want to talk anymore and walks away from the basement, turning the light off on his way out.

Julian had a paralyzing nightmare where the hooded woman comes by to pull out his organs.

At the custody hearing, the judge tells Vera she doesn't have the appropriate documentation and that she has more confidence in foster care than Mosswood.

Back in the day, Heather and Brianna (?) get caught trespassing, but the hot guy asks them to join the circle.

Harry recalls being a kid and walking by boiling water into his house. He wants Julian to ask him questions instead of the other way around.

Harry's mother didn't die in the fire. He was sent to foster care.

Julian asks if he had nightmares. It leads to Julian sharing his nightmares with Harry. Harry thinks it's indicative of some sort of psychological or physical abuse. There is at least one person at Mosswood with a record who could do that to Julian. How many more could do that? They have no idea who lives there. The police chief is getting the warrant.

That night, Vera calls Harry. She's angry he's been talking to Julian. She says they won't find at Mosswood what they seek. She knows where the monster is located.

Driving into Mosswood, Heather continues to recall her visit. She seems worried to see her friend again.

That is more apparent when Heather wonders if it's "everybody" in the room. Her friend isn't in there.

There are no other children on the grove.

Heather's friend was Marinne maybe. The hot guy wanted to show her something and took her hand walking her into a building Heather sees.

While they're searching, Harry notices a necklace on a girl named Jess. It was Bess'.

Heather also notices a guy who was at the hotel when she went to talk with the manager. They were escaping.

Heather takes the opportunity to go back to the outbuilding where her friend disappeared.

Very says "the work completely transformed her" an awfully lot. Inside the outbuilding there are curtains hanging, and Heather walks over tentatively.

Vera explains "the work" is trying to shine a light on the shadow each one of us has inside whether light or dark. It teaches you how to trust yourself.

Heather finds a giant rock under a skylight. There is blood on it.

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The Sinner Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Remember who you are, OK?


Harry: Why do you think Julian would do something like this?
Vera: He's crazy, is that what you're thinking? Or he's been abused? Or that I pumped him full of Adderall and fed him junk food and video games? Or maybe he's just evil, is that it? My son is so far beyond anything you can understand, you have no idea.