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Harry is having a nightmare that his child self was watching him as an adult put rocks on his mom's eyes a la Julian.

Jack is happy to see a fellow insomniac in the house. He also seems in a hurry to push Harry out of the place, but uses the "I know it's not fun for you to be here" excuse to make his intentions known. I don't believe for one minute he "enjoys" having Harry around as much as he plays it off as he does.

Jack wants to take Harry to a Rotary meeting.

At breakfast, Harry and Heather discuss the rock from the barn. There isn't any chatter about the blood on the rock, but Harry wants to know if Heather reported it.

More importantly, Harry suggests when a 13-year-old murders, it's not the time to stop asking questions. When he brings up Heather's classmate who joined the commune, Heather sluffs it off as a lost cause.

Vera calls to find out what the hell is going on that they're trying Julian as an adult. Harry promises he had no idea the case was out of family court and he said nothing to anyone after their house visit.

Harry crawls into the police car with Julian and writes his number on the kid's palm. He wants him to call and promises he'll be alright. Very doesn't understand what's happening.

Julian is processed for juvie while other potential inmates glare at him. he appears to be the youngest kid in juvie.

Heather goes to see Mrs. Calhoun about Marin. Heather told Harry it was a dead end, but she's asking Marin's mother for information about her daughter for the first time in 12 years. Heather didn't look very hard for her friend, and Marin's mother calls her on it.

Vera asks Benji for the best attorney for Julian. She doesn't want old contacts, she wants the old Benji.

The prosecutor who tried Noah Solloway offers 15 to Life for both charges. Harry wonders why Vera didn't report Julian missing instead of coming up with the Niagra Falls story. Because the police don't serve and protect Mosswood. Adam and Bess were kidnapping him.

Back in the day, Marin survived her night at Mosswood. Jack found her in bed goofing around with Heather the next morning. He was frowning.

Vera is wailing in front of the stone while trying to absorb its energy or something. The metronome is going. She grasps onto it and clings.

Vera talks to Julian before his hearing and tells him not to trust anyone, including Harry. Julian instinctively trusts Harry and doesn't want to lie.

Everything happened to Harry when he was 17. He runs into a girl from high school and they reminisce. She doesn't blame him for running away all those years ago.

Harry gets annoyed that Jack keeps asking him if he's fine. The friends have seen better days. Harry admits he's not fine, and Jack says to pull yourself together. With that, they laugh over him being pathetic.

Vera is thrown when Harry is at the courthouse for Julian's mental assessment. Julian tells the examiner that Adam and Bess are starting over after passing through death. They're all mixed together, pieces of us. 

Heather is reminiscing again. When she arrived at Marin's house, her friend said her mom called her a slut for supposedly flirting with her boyfriend and said she should have never had her.

Heather says forget about the party. They're going over to her house.

In a book called Dolphin Beach, Marin had the name Julian circled the whole way through. 

Julian is very upset talking about what he heard in the motel. He heard Bess and Adam talking about lying to him and lying tears people in half. The assessor wants to know if Julian lied to her. He goes nuts.

Just then, Heather appears with news that she believes Marin is Julian's mother.

Doctor Poole signed the birth certificate and disappears inside his house while they're asking him questions. Oh, he's such a bad boy he slits his throat with a scalpel.

While searching through his house, Harry finds a shrine to the rock.

Julian goes to sleep looking at the number on his hand.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Harry: OK. Why didn't you report it?
Vera: I've learned that to protect and to serve doesn't apply to Mosswood. I have my own resources.

Adam and Bess were not saving Julian, they were abducting him, but you never thought of that did you. Julian was defending himself.