A Blast from the Past - The Sinner
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Nick is pushing Jamie to do something. They are in a different restaurant. Nick believes in Jamie, something he tells him he shouldn't take for granted because not a lot of people care.

Nick says Jamie called him because he wants to feel what he did in school, and nothing else matters.

Nick buys the entire bottle of booze. He has everything they need at hand.

He pulls out the paper finger game and tells Jamie to pick a number.

Riding a train, Jamie imagines something unsavory with the throat of a sleeping girl. He picks up a piece of trash on the floor and starts folding it.

Ambrose is worried. If Jamie does something tonight, it's all on him.

Jamie seems to be out stalking. He tells a woman to stop dragging her kid, wondering what the hell is wrong with her. Leela calls, and he ignores the call.

Ambrose parks the car to follow Jamie on foot.

Jamie is in an art gallery when he runs into a former student names Sophie. She works there.

She wants to take a selfie. Mr. B is quite a thing, apparently. All the girls at Briarton had crushes on Mr. B.

Ambrose enters the restaurant Jamie and Nick were in and heads to the roof where he finds Jamie on the ledge.

Jamie wonders why people have the impulse to jump in front of a car or off of the ledge of a tall building. If feelings aren't the truth, then what is? He pulls out the paper finger. He goes where it tells him.

Red is the arrow that tells him to jump. He moves a step further with his foot dangling over the precipice. He can't do it.

Ambrose isn't letting Jamie out of his sight, much to the younger man's chagrin.

Ambrose wants to know why they targeted Sophie. Jamie assures him that the paper thing is random. It's a game of chance.

Sonya doesn't have any connection. The arrows pointed them there.

Ambrose needs to know why Jamie followed Nick. By way of explanation, Jamie says nobody, but Nick allowed him to talk about death, per se.

Proving his point, Jamie goes to a couple of guys down the bar and strikes up a conversation. Then he inserts himself into their hopeful pickup.

When Harry ambles up, Jamie welcomes him and introduces him to his new group. He eggs on Harry to participate.

Stick in the mud Uncle Harry gets dragged to the next location where they're taking the party.

Jamie dug the hole for the grave. Crazy shit.

They have an oxygen tube, too. Jamie says he thinks they're ready to start. Nick has other plans.

Jamie puts up a fight about killing a woman they don't even know. Nick says he has no idea what kind of freedom is on the other side. That's when Jamie realizes Nick has done it before. His panic intensifies. Nick screams.

Nick wonders if he's ever lied to Jamie. No. He has not. He wants Jamie to step out of the box and wake up. He needs to look death in the face. Once he does, he'll be free.

Nick promises this is the way out.

Coke is flowing at the party, and Jamie can't stand hearing the women laugh. Harry is just leaning against the wall.

One of the girls is showing one of the guys all of her tattoos. Jamie tells them he likes the view of them all trying too hard to impress each other and escape something. He thinks it's fear and they're all stuck in the middle of it.

When it all falls to shit, Jamie imagines slashing the guy's throat, and Ambrose's gun going off killing the girl while Jamie pounds the other guy's face into the coffee table.

Ambrose is such a dad. Stop indulging his dark whims, he tells Jamie. Get over it. Or do something. If he's gonna act out, then do it, Ambrose challenges.

Jamie hails a taxi. Gone in the wind.

Ever the dogged detective, Ambrose is still chasing Jamie's tail. Straight to a house party where Jamie's hanging with Sophie.

Jamie makes fun of Ambrose's concern for him and lures on Sophie with why Ambrose is obsessed.

Upstairs, a medium is reading people. His words are making a girl cry. This oughta be good.

The guy gets a line on Jamie. He's so close that it's like he's attached to Jamie. Prickly pair, prickly pear, the medium says.

No, not now, Jamie says, breaking away from the group.

Ambrose pursues but doesn't find him straight away. Jamie's in the backyard.

Jamie offers to drive Sophie's car while they make a booze run. He eyes Ambrose with a taunt as he takes off.

Jamie wants to play a game with Sophie, kind of a bonding thing, he says. He's speeding down the road. That's a hell of a fun thing. The conic roulette by driving as fast as they could to see if they could make it. Jamie assures her it's not about wanting to die but facing death, and there's a difference.

Ambrose has the lights on. Jamie is darting through intersections until he and Amrose are on a collision course to see who turns first. Sophie is distraught.

Jamie and Ambrose feel alive.

While he was dying, Nick talks about the beautiful trees. Jamie can't do it. He wants to call 9-1-1. Nick wants to die. She's waiting, he says. He tells Jamie everything will be OK.

Jamie promises Nick he'll keep going. Nick tells Jamie something is in his back pocket and then dies.

Ambrose is driving them both back to Dorchester.

Vic (Ambrose's fellow cop) tries to reach him, but Ambrose doesn't answer.

Ambrose wants Jamie to tell Leela what's happening to him.

Jamie wants Ambrose to be honest with him. Jamie is incredibly lonely in a world full of people and needs Ambrose to know what he means.

When he gets home, Jamie smacks himself in the head quite a few times. Ambrose puts back his seat. He wasn't kidding when he said he'd be sleeping outside until Jamie told Leela what he's been going through.

Ambrose is in intense pain but doesn't take a pill.

At 7:18 am, Ambrose wakes up as if sleeping in the car in the sunshine is easy to do.

An officer named Devon left a message. There was a murder near Brooklyn in Green Point. You know it's gonna be Sophie or one of the guys.

It's the medium.

The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Jamie: You get away with everything you want, don't you?
Nick: I've got everything we need in the car.

Ambrose: I don't understand why you listened to him.
Jamie: Nick is the most honest person I have ever known.
Ambrose: He's also a sociopath.
Jamie: Are you sure about that? Look around. It's a world full of sociopaths.