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Ambrose is hallucinating. He's having Thanksgiving. But his dad is in the bathroom. Everyone is very hungry. Harry has no utensils or towels. But the box of his dad's stuff is heaving.

Now his mom is there. She gives him some Fruit Loops. Eat it! She jams his head in the bowl.

She wonders why he left her. He left her all alone.

She's putting her fingers into his mouth wondering why he doesn't love her when Ambrose awakes. His phone has 1% battery left.

Now he imagines being in the woods naked. Sonya dribbles water on his chest from a bucket Eli gave to her.

She rubs his face. Jamie digs him up. A smile on his face.

Jamie had to pull the pipe. Nick did the same thing for him.

Ambrose burns the confession while Jamie stares at him.

Jamie wonders what he saw. What was down there with him?

Jamie wants Ambrose to process it all. He promises he won't push Ambrose the same way Nick pushed him. Nick pushed too hard as it got more and more dangerous. That's what caused Jamie to quit school and cut Nick out of his life.

Nick tells Ambrose that he couldn't find meaning in his life anymore, so he gave Nick a call.

Jamie did everything from pulling the parking brake to allowing Nick to die because he needed to get rid of Nick once and for all.

Jamie is going to quit school. Jamie tells Ambrose he'll feel the need to turn away from all of this to turn away. He wants him to stick with it. Even when it's uncomfortable, he'll help him through it.

Ambrose looks at everything differently. But he also recorded his conversation with Jamie.

He lets his coworker listen. Ambrose doesn't want to collar Jamie.

Sonya wonders if Ambrose talked with a therapist. She thinks he must have PTSD.

Sonya wonders why she doesn't feel relieved that Jamie is, presumably, going to prison. He tells her she was a part of his visions.

It was like a baptism, Sonya wonders about the way she was anointing Ambrose in his vision.

Jamie is at the school resigning.

The police arrive. He's shocked.

All of the students see his arrest, including Emma.

Drinks for Harry, the best detective they'll ever know.

When Ambrose visits Sonya, she shows him her painting of Jamie and reveals what went down that night.

Kowalski tells Jamie about the Huntley Hearing. It's about the confession. Jamie feels like he got stabbed when he hears that Harry recorded him.

Leela recognizes Jamie is suffering.

She's seen him for weeks. It's good that he feels guilty. He needs relief. He has to give it to himself.

Jamie is freaking out. The detective used him. He tricked him. Leela wants Jamie to forget about him. He needs to clean out the infection.

Ambrose decides to open the box of his dad's stuff.

It's a bunch of useless stuff. A toaster manual, a book about ammo, and an unused Las Vegas post card leaning on a frame.

Ambrose goes to see Jamie. Jamie can barely look him in the eye.

Ambrose says that as a cop, his first obligation is to protect the public.

Ambrose admits to a connection and Jamie spits in his face.

Ambrose is in court for the hearing.

Kowalski presses Ambrose pretty hard about everything he did in pursuit of Jamie.

The more Jamie hears from Ambrose, the worse he feels

Everything rests on the hearing. Burns is out.

Jamie is getting off of a bus. He goes home, outside which the cops are watching. His key doesn't work. He rings the bell. There is an order of protection against him. He has to leave the premises.

Leela brings him his coat.

Jamie finds out Ambrose advised the protection order.

As Jamie pleas for his past and future, Leela breaks down in tears.

Nick is with Jamie in his bathroom. Jamie has scissors on the counter, and Nick cuts Jamie's hair.

Jamie goes to see Emma. He wants to take a walk around the block, talk a bit. She's hesitant, but he persuades her.

He's saying goodbye. He doesn't want her to forget what they talked about, staying on the path and asking the hard questions.

Emma assures him that things are OK now. Her parents are listening to her.

Jamie is walking off with a backpack and nothing else.

Leela takes the blood soaked tissue to the cops. She reveals that Jamie told her he killed the medium.

They lost Jamie at Grand Central. He's in the wind.

The captain is golfing alone. Jamie is watching him.

As he gets ready to chip the ball out of a sand pit, Jamie swacks his head with another club.


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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh, I get it. This is how it goes. You want everyone to tell you everything while you say nothing.


You did it, Harry. I had to pull the pipe. You had to believe you were gonna die. Nick did the same for me.