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Harry and Sonya are taking a trip to Hanover Island. There is a legend about a man named Dupair who sacrificed his daughter on Baju Cliff to appease a vengeful god while they were starving.

Sonya introduces Harry to a woman named Greta. She seems nice.

The house they're renting for two weeks is mind-blowing, and Sonya's mind is blown. She says the waves can help with Harry's insomnia, and he is fussy about it.

Greta has a story about the locals being rude to a local fisherman turned restaurateur. Locals call it a Chinese takeover.

Harry has been retired for over a year. He's spending his time revisiting botany. When Greta asks about Jamie Burns, Harry is silent.

Sonya is also giving up on male nudes. She wants to paint light, the sky. Harry excuses himself, but he never even ate his lobster roll.

Harry seems seconds from having a panic attack, and at the shoreline, he runs into a young woman who strikes up a conversation. She comes to the shore to recharge. She works for her family. Muldoon Fish Company. When he asks if she's a fisherman or woman, she says that women like to be called girl fishermen, which she thinks is problematic on many levels.

They chat about the ocean and nature speaking to us.

Later, Sonya is riding Harry while squeezing his neck. He's not lost his need for a near-death experience to get off.

He's been weaning himself off of his antidepressants. Sonya isn't pleased. It's even worse that he's sure he never needed them in the first place.

Harry is reliving Jamie's death when he finds Percy on the street telling someone we cannot see to leave her alone. He follows Percy into the woods. She's moaning and screaming. She runs to the edge of the cliff, looks behind her and jumps.

Harry calls the police. They cannot find anything.

The local law enforcement wonders if Harry has been drinking when they cannot find a body. Colin and Meg Muldoon arrive. They're Percy's uncle and grandmother.

Meg cannot believe it. She thinks it's a ridiculous notion. It makes no sense. Colin wonders how Harry knows her. He's not keen on any of this. Then Percy's father, Sean, arrives.

By morning, Harry has started questioning his sanity. Maybe it just looked like she fell.

When Harry calls the police, he learns someone might have seen her driving about a half hour after his 9-1-1 call.

Harry goes back to the cliff and follows Percy's line of sight to a strange fallen tree and finds four talismans. A jade figuring, a rope talisman, a cross, and what looks like a cigarette case. Chief Raskin doesn't know what to do with them. Harry is happy to step in.

Harry visits Sean to express his sympathy and get in a few questions. Meg wonders if he's investigating the case now.

As they break company, Meg goes after a guy named Mike. Harry saunters up to a fisherman to ask questions. He knows where Percy went the night before. The Knot. Everyone holds Percy in very high esteem. She was a legend.

Sam asks Kerry if Percy seemed normal the night before. Yep. She even asked Percy to get on stage with her for a few songs.

When Harry is fiddling with the grill later that night, he hears sounds that seem a lot like a fun-loving leprechaun.

Chief Raskin has Percy's car. He's really concerned about the case given the family's power. He welcomes Harry's input. They try to hypothesize why the car is where it is. It's out of gas. Nearby is a shabby trailer or two, and they pay them a visit.

The fellow isn't very helpful. Nothin' but coons and osprey out there, just as he likes it.

Raskin says they have a live and let live mentality around here.

Sonya asks Harry if he still thinks Percy jumped off the cliff. He's not sure. He wonders if she thinks helping could be a bad thing for them and his mood. She says she cannot help him. This is something he has to figure out on his own.

Meg has called for Harry. Raskin has very good things to say about Meg. When they arrive at the house, it's a hubub of activity. Meg wants to show Harry Percy's bedroom.

She apologizes to Harry about how she treated him yesterday. She doesn't think Raskin knows how to solve this kind of thing, but Harry does. She wants his help.

Meg raised Percy as her own. Percy's mom was way too young and left Percy with Meg. Meg thinks that Percy was hiding something from her. She would leave, and it was vague. Meg was reading a book on the Lunar Goddess. Something was shifting in her, Meg says.

Harry finds the blue rope on her bedside table.

Meg remembers when Percy took the rope from the boat. She asks Harry to dinner if he's ever ready for something other than the fried crap he gets in town.

Harry follows the location where Percy was talking out loud on the street. It leads right to her special spot. He finds what appears to be a nicorette gum packet and puts it in his pocket.

There is a security camera above. He asks a girl for the footage. When she asks if he's a cop, he fumbles his words. But when Raskin shows up, they view the footage, finding Percy there at 2:52, about five minutes before Harry saw her. There was a shadow of a man whose mere presence drove her to her knees.

Harry looks so energized and alive, despite the creepy nature of the situation. She thinks getting into it wouldn't be bad.

The sounds are out again. This time it sounds like two people. There is a group of naked people in the water doing very strange things. Harry makes a noise, is almost spotted and retreats.


The Sinner
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The Sinner Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

It'll be fine.


Percy: Has she spoken to you yet?
Harry: Who?
Percy: The ocean.
Harry: Mmm. I don't think so.
Percy: She will. She's in a mood today.
Harry: How can you tell?
Percy: It's like a vibration or frequency or something. Does that sound weird?
Harry: Nah. It's... I usually even wonder if nature notices us at all.
Percy: I think she does. Yeah, all the time.