Charles - The Son Season 1 Episode 6
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Everyone is gathered for Tom Sullivan's funeral. Pete is giving a eulogy.

Eli talks to Pete about getting his head straight.

Eli tells Jeannie the story of how the Apaches attacked him when Pete was a child killing his mother and brother.

Niles Gilbert is holding court with Charles and others at the funeral after luncheon. He talks about Ramon who led the Seditionists to the McCullough Ranch. Charles confronts Ramon and tells him to leave. Another guy starts a fight with Ramon. Eli kicks Niles out of the house. Pete makes Charles apologize to Ramon for being a jerk. He does, but he's not happy about it.

Young Eli is hunting buffalo when he hears a gunshot.  He runs to the sound and finds a herd of buffalo shot and being skinned by whites. He sets up a ruse to the Rangers dressed as a white man. The guys invite him to be part of their camp, but it's an ambush and the Comanche kill all the men and take the buffalo and horses. There's a woman who's alive. The Comanche have prisoners....the woman and the leader of the group.

Toshaway gives young Eli a tomahawk.  The man who survived is tortured. The woman is still alive and young Eli tries to talk to her. Her name is Ingrid. She tells him her story. Young Eli admits to the girl that he led them to her camp. She's not happy and pushes him away.

Maria is sitting with Pete talking about Jonas and other things. It's obvious Pete still has feelings for her. He thanks her for coming to their rescue during the ambush.

Eli and Jeannie go for a ride to find where the oil might be. She doesn't remember anything. Eli tries to get her to remember things. She asks questions about Cesar and he answers.

Young Eli is bothered by the torture happening to the white man. Toshaway notices and takes him for a walk to talk. He explains why they are torturing the white guy.

Prairie Flower visits young Eli and he wants to know how she feels about Charges the Enemy. She tells him a story about her family being attacked for the land.

Charles visits Niles Gilbert at his bar. Gilbert brings out the best liquor for him. Gilbert and Charles talk while he keeps filling Charles' glass. Charles is pretty snockered. Niles is trying to convert him for some cause by manipulating him and preying on his fears.

Young Eli is lying with Prairie Flower still bothered by the white man's screams.  He goes to the man to see what they've done to him and it's barbaric. They cut off his feet and hands after burning them. Eli killed a snake to get its venom and gives the guy the venom so he dies.

The guy dies the next day. Toshaway knows it was young Eli or has a suspicion. 

A drunken Charles visits Ramon to take back the apology. The group of guys with him take Ramon hostage and hang him. Niles Gilbert has no interest in letting Ramon go and Charles is freaked out and wants him let down, but they are torturing him. They want Ramon to answer for what he did. Charles is witness to the murder and they keep Charles at bay who is too drunk to do anything. Ramon dies. 

Charles goes home and Pete apologizes for scolding him in front of the others.

Jeannie and Eli are still  hunting for the oil. They found the oil. 

Jeannie takes some of the oil and hides it in her dollhouse.


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The Son Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The world's a dangerous place, honey.


Eli: Whatever it takes to get your head right, we better do it.
Pete: Yes, sir.