The Son Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Buffalo Hunter

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Sometimes we don't always make the right choices.

Charles walked down a dangerous path on The Son Season 1 Episode 6 when he allowed himself to be manipulated by Niles Gilbert.

Young Eli also walked down a dangerous path when he made a decision that might not sit well with Toshaway (and we all know Toshaway knows what he did.)

Pete has the opportunity to walk down a dangerous path with Maria now that Sally is in Austin with Jonas.

And older Eli? He just might end up taking the most dangerous path of all. 

Charles' Choice - The Son Season 1 Episode 6

Death, whiskey, and anger definitely don't mix. Throw in your dad scolding you in front of everyone (embarrassing!) and it becomes a deadly cocktail.

Charles was already not in a good frame of mind after Tom Sullivan was killed on The Son Season 1 Episode 5. After the funeral, Charles was going around the house pulling bullets out of the walls and woodwork when Niles Gilbert started getting in his head.

Wasn't Ramon the one responsible for leading the seditionists to the McCullough Ranch? If so, why was he there now celebrating Sullivan's life?

Charles was still in shock over what happened not only to the Ranch and Sullivan but also what had happened to Jonas. Someone was to blame, right?

Why not Ramone? Gilbert made a valid point and while Ramone tried to fluff it off, Gilbert kept on prodding which led to Louis punching Ramone for a supposed diss to Charles.

Eli stopped it before it got out of hand and Pete who was dealing with his own issues blasted Charles in front of everyone forcing Charles to apologize for being a stupid kid.

Charles - The Son Season 1 Episode 6

Like any teenager would, Charles stomped off and later went to Gilbert's bar where Niles brought out his finest whiskey and listened to poor Charles' woes while continuing to manipulate him.

Gilbert is a master at his craft and Charles didn't have a chance once he had a few drinks in him. 

Gilbert might have told him they were only going to "scare" Ramone, but that was never Gilbert and gang's intention. They knew full well they were going to hang the man.

It was a kind of initiation rite for young Charles. One that he didn't want when it was all said and done, but he led the charge and I can guarantee you that Gilbert will remind him of that should Charles decide to blab about what really happened.

Pete and Eli will figure out what happened. Poor Pete can't catch a break. His father wants him to go away and get his head together, his son thinks his head is on backward, and Sally just doesn't know where his head is at.

The only person that might be on his side is Maria. They had a nice little flirty chat and while he may be married, it's obvious they still have feelings for each other.

It wouldn't surprise me if they got together while Sally is away. Pete needs someone who really understands him and Maria is the only one who does.

Pete and Maria - The Son Season 1 Episode 6

Eli thinks he understands his son, but I wonder if he really does. He just wants his kid to get it together and run the ranch. Especially now that he's found the oil.

Only thing is that the oil isn't on his land. It's not going to get in Eli's way though. He wants the oil and whether it's on his land or not, he's taking what he believes is his.

What would be nice is if he could come to some sort of agreement with the Garcias to share the oil, but that's not how Eli works. 

I bet Jeannie comes up with a solution. That little girl is super smart and she's all about family. I love her and Eli's relationship. They really connect with each other and while she's young, Eli can confide in her. 

He sees himself in her. She's the future of the McCulloughs and he knows it.

Young Eli Hunts - The Son Season 1 Episode 6

Young Eli helped the Comanches get food and clothing for the winter when he tricked a group of buffalo hunters. 

While it wasn't surprising that he was faking distress, it was surprising he told the guys to run while they had the chance. He's lucky he didn't get caught saying that.

Then again, he better pray that Toshaway isn't going to ream him for poisoning the hunter so he could stop suffering. It was a bold move by young Eli to do what he did, but he just couldn't take it anymore. 

He is human after all. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin even if others might see it that way. 

How Toshaway handles the betrayal is going to be interesting. After all, he was just awarded a tomahawk and then he turns and does something like this.

I'm going to guess that Toshaway will be disappointed and upset with young Eli. But Toshaway loves him like a son and will forgive him. He'll use this as an opportunity to teach a lie lesson since the walk in the stream didn't work.

I really wish more people would watch this show. The writing is excellent. The acting is superb. The cinematography is stunning. The show definitely deserves more attention than it's getting.

What did you think of "The Buffalo Hunter"? Hit the comments and share your thoughts. 

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The Buffalo Hunter Review

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The Son Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

The world's a dangerous place, honey.


Eli: Whatever it takes to get your head right, we better do it.
Pete: Yes, sir.