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This week's team challenge was  "Under the Sea," a seafood competition. Eric Ripert was the guest judge and mentor, and the winning team won a master class from Chef Ripert.

Marcus demonstrated a dish that combined fish and shellfish, which each member of his kitchen then tried to emulate. Anthony asked members of his kitchen to do a seafood stew.

Ludo's challenge to his kitchen was steamed fish. Nigella asked her team to do a Miso seafood broth.

Then, the cooks had an hour to cook their own dishes inspired by their mentors.

Dan's dish included a whole fish head, and Nigella's advice involved a lot of liquor.

Lindsey had trouble taking direction from Nigella, and believed that she is standing up to her.

For Ludo's team, Natasha's spicy dish was chosen to represent the team. P.K's dish was chosen to represent Nigella's team. Eric's dish was chosen for Anthony's team, and Gabe's for Marcus's team.

Eric Ripert tasted each dish, and found a sandy bite in P.K.'s dish.

The best dish was Gabe's dish, so Marcus's kitchen won the master class. The worst was P.K.'s, which meant Nigella's kitchen would lose another cook.

Lindsey insisted that P.K. should go home, and told Nigella that P.K. was sucking up. Nigella said Lindsey was very difficult to mentor, and she sent her home.

For the solo challenge, each cook mady any seafood dish they felt they could do best.. Many of the cooks seemed to crack under the pressure.

Anthony's favorite bite was from Natasha. Marcus's favorite was Joe's. Nigella chose Natasha as her favorite. And Ludo chose Gabe.

Ludo's worst dish was from Natasha, a cook in his own kitchen.

The two cooks in the taste off this week were Jake and Jen. They were given halibut as their key ingredient.

The cook who was sent home this week was the youngest contestant in the competition, Jake, from Marcus's team.

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