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It's two weeks after Crozier gave up the booze and Fitzjames is being given a rundown on how much food is left. They are running out of food. They haven't seen the monster in two weeks. They think Mr. Blanky killed it. Fitzjames decides to reduce rations to the 116 men on board.

Fitzjames questions Blanky about what happened on an expedition years ago and how they survived.

Fitzjames goes to a trunk and pulls out a mask.

Crozier isn't doing very well. Jopson is taking care of him.Jopson tells a story about his mother.

Mr. Hickey visits the dead soldier whose brain is exposed.

The monkey is eating the food while Dr. Goodsir writes notes.

Lady Silence is gutting a seal she fished from a hole in the ground and eating it. Then she starts singing by a fire. She has seal guts placed around her. She is summoning Tuunbaq.

Fitzjames orders the men to hold a party to lift their spirits.

Fitzjames' head is bleeding at the hairline. The monkey is going crazy and everyone is looking. Dr. Goodsir is trying to analyze it before it completely destroys itself.

Some guy gives another soldier a book to read about how a bunch of men survived not having food.

Lady Silence tries to talk the Tuunbaq into letting her be its shaman. We get a really good look at the monster.

Crozier comes out of his quarters looking for Jopson but he's not around.

The monkey is dead and Goodsir is looking at his mouth. He knows the food is bad. He goes to Stanley to tell him what he found.

Jopson returns. He tells Crozier about the party and Crozier says he's going to go with.

Goodsir challenges Stanley. He wants to tell the captain about his findings. Stanley wants to hold off.

The men are gathering for their circus about a 1/2 mile from the ship. Almost all the men and Fitzjames are there. Crozier and Jopson arrive at the party. It's a masquerade party.

Many of the men are goofing off outside shooting off flares. Fitzjames is surprised to see Crozier.

Crozier doesn't like any of it and wants to end the party. Fitzjames tells him they are going to have to journey. What a party pooper. Why does he need to tell them now?

Crozier is talking when Lady Silence shows up all bloody. 

Crozier tells them that they will be abandoning their ships and start walking. One of the men spreads liquor all over and starts a fire trapping the men inside.

Lady Silence collapses and they learn that she has cut out her tongue The guy who set the fire was Dr. Stanley who then set himself on fire.

The men panic about the fir and try to find a way out. Hickey, who is outside finds an opening and starts trying to get them out. He opens the tent but in the process accidentally stabs a man to death when he opens the tent with his knife.

The remaining men get out. Hickey acts likes he's been there all along. Several men died the night before. Everyone surveys the damage the next morning.



The Terror
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The Terror Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gentlemen, we always feel worse in the darker months.


Jopson: How do you feel?
Crozier: Like Christ. With more nails.