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Franklin's wife and Sophia are inquiring about Sir John and his expedition. They are not getting any reasonable answers. The men assure them that there is no cause for alarm at this point even though they haven't heard from the expedition.

There is a birthday event with singing happening in the galley. Dr. Goodsir is looking at pictures in his office. Francis is in his quarters trying to rest but one of the officers comes in to tell him what's going on. There is a commotion upstairs and Francis and the officer head out to the bridge to see what's going on. Another man was attacked by the monster. He's still alive and they move him downstairs for care.

Francis takes a young sailor to look for Strong who they believe the monster took. Francis finds something and goes to look. It's a covering with blood. By the time he gets back to Evans the boy is gone. The monster took him too. Why not Francis?

Francis relays the story. He regrets taking the boy with him. Fitzjames tells Francis he should slow down on the drinking which he ignores.

Francis tells Fitzjames the only reason he's here is that Sophia asked him to keep an eye on her uncle. Fitzjames knows that Sophia turned down Francis' s marriage proposal.

Dr. Goodsir and Dr. Stanley are doing an autopsy on the man from earlier. He died. His brain is exposed.

Hickey is up next to watch and comes across another dead seaman on the bridge. He's been cut in half by a claw. Francis visits the morgue where he learns that it was a systematic killing by the monster. Fitzjames ponders what the creature could be. Fitzjames suggests they bring the girl to question her. Francis agrees to have her found in the morning. Fitzjames wants her found tonight. They argue but Francis orders the search to wait until the morning. He goes to his room.

He has a flashback to the last time he proposed to Sophia. She doesn't want to marry a captain despite the fact that he makes her happy. He talks to her about finding the Passage and that after he finds it, he'll retire from the sea but she's not that into it. 

There's another commotion and Francis goes down to see what it is. A few of the men, including Hickey, have captured the girl. Francis is not happy that she has been tied up. He releases her and demands to know who brought her in without approval. Hickey and a couple of others admit to bringing the woman in. She is taken to the Erebus

Hickey tells Francis what he saw that the woman was in command of the creature and that's why he brought her in. Despite what HIckey tells him, Francis decides to punish the men with a lashing in public. Hickey argues with the punishment and he is ordered to be punished as a boy which means he gets it on the butt not the back. He doesn't understand why he is being punished for disrespecting the woman when she is clearly, in his eyes, responsible for the killings that have happened.

The men get punished and Hickey barely cries out. He's defiant and takes his 30 lashes without complaint. Francis may be regretting his punishment but he needs to make a point that what they did was wrong. Hickey is being punished for "brutality" but isn't what's happening to him brutal? Yikes. When his lashing is finished he smiles defiantly at Francis and the other officers.

Goodsir and his patient talk about the lashings. The man is ill and being tended to. Goodsir notices something in the man's gums. It might be scurvy though he doesn't say anything.

Cornelius goes back to quarters after getting fixed up from the lashing. He can't lay on his backside. He finds some sort of weed in his bed in a cloth. He puts it under his pillow.

Dr. Goodsir brings the woman food and water. She doesn't like the soup. She doesn't like anything. He tries to start a conversation with her by introducing himself to her and telling her his name. He apologizes to her for his comrade's poor behavior -- it's not how Englishmen act.


The Terror
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The Terror Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Why are you here, Francis? You've never believed in this cause.


All of us in this room know that John was not your first choice to lead this expedition. Nor was he your second or even your third. We all know John. He's as wonderful as he is fallible.

Lady Jane