Meeting Young Claire - The Time Traveler's Wife
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Older Claire and Henry are doing an interview about love and time travel.

We see their first meeting at the library, where Henry has no idea who Claire is yet.

Claire tells him she met him 14 years ago as a child, but it's in his future. Claire admits he's always been older when he appeared to her before.

Henry is overwhelmed but agrees to dinner to learn more. Claire is excited about the date.

Henry is nervous and rushes home to clean his apartment. There is blood in the bathroom, and it disappears a moment later.

On the date, Henry becomes overwhelmed when he learns he's visited Claire 160 times. She then announces they're married in the future.

When he asks how they met, we see young Claire meeting Henry in his 30s in the meadow. She's suspicious of time travel.

There are also flashbacks of young Henry at a museum, meeting his future self, and learning about time travel.

Adult Henry time travels and lands naked in from of a train. He fights a guy for his clothes and steals the woman's flowers for Claire.

Claire and Henry return to his apartment, where he blindfolds her while he cleans again.

She's tired of just playing checkers with him, and they start making out.

When Claire freshens up, she finds another woman's bra and runs out, angry.

Clean-shaven Henry finds Claire in a bar and tries to apologize, while she says the younger version of him is a jerk. He reassures her that she has changed him for the better.

He tells his younger self that only two things matter, finding love and trying not to die.

In the cliffhanger, we see two feet amputated.



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The Time Traveler's Wife Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Time travel it’s not a superpower. It’s a disability. It’s what’s wrong with me.


You realize it’s happened again. He’s just a pile of clothes. Then it starts…the waiting.